Depression Causes and Remedies in Astrology.

Depression Causes and Remedies in Astrology.

Depression is a common occurrence every day. Everyone is affected by stress and depression throughout their lives. Depression is the feeling of depression and sadness, as well as a lack of interest. It affects the way a person behaves, feels and thinks. Depression can cause physical, mental and emotional difficulties. Patients suffering from depression may have difficulty going about their day-to-day routines, and many be depressed and feel like their lives aren’t worth living. Their functioning can be impaired to the point that they as well as those who care for them suffer from it. As per the MediLexicon Medical Dictionarydepression is: ” a mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach; accompanying signs include psychomotor retardation (or less frequently agitation), withdrawal from social contact, and vegetative states such as loss of appetite and insomnia.”

In the Laymen language depression can be caused when we aren’t able to achieve what we want. People also feel that they are responsible for everything and feel like they carry all the responsibility. If they don’t meet their own expectations, anxiety and guilt set in, which creates a worse situation. Depression is a universal feeling. The majority of us suffer from depression at one point or another in our lives. If someone is strong-willed they will overcome it quickly. If otherwise, it could be fataland cause suicidal tendencies as well. I have been asked by people why certain people are able to face challenges and make transitions when others feel despairing and depressed in the event that it was predicted by the planets of their birth chart. The tendency to develop depression is also evident in an Horoscope. According to Astrology there are a variety of indicators which strongly suggest the timing and the onset of depression.

The Main Planets and houses that caused depression

Saturn is a symbol of limitations, limitations as well as authority, structure and discipline. It also symbolizes boundary striving, responsibilities, stability, depression, and depression in Astrology. Saturn is often referred to as the most malefic planet. It is a planet that provides you with the outcomes of your karma when you do good things, it rewards, and for bad ones, it punishes. When it is connected to Moon via its conjunction, sign and aspect, or even through nakshatra, it can cause depressive symptoms during the course of its transit as well as dasha.Depression is primarily an emotional phenomenon. Moon is the planet of the psyche. It deals with our feelings as well as our needs and expectations. Moon is a planet of water. It symbolizes our feelings, attitudes towards life, our relationship with the mother or the nature of mother applying thinking and process, communication skills and the capacity to be a good person. Stress, anxiety, over emotional nature, inability to enjoy life, insecurity, anxiety, lack of confidence and overconfidence are a few of the signs of a poor condition for the Moon in one’s horoscope. Poorly placed Moon can trigger a number of emotional and mental issues that can result in weakening our physical health. If your mind is unhealthy, then you’re likely to experience many physical issues in the near future or sooner. The symptoms of migraine, headaches, palpitations as well as neck pain joint, body and body are among the most frequently reported ailments an unlucky moon can cause. The moon causes calcium deficiency. Astrologers and psychologists typically agree that the primary cause of depression is feeling powerless. If you are looking at the psychological aspect, feeling a sense of confidence can assist the person recover from the depression situation.

A few other significant factors that are related to depression in Astrology

* Ascendant symbolizes the brain and the way that brain thinks and functions.

* Moon plays a significant role in our lives as it controls our moods.

The 4th house symbolizes emotional peace, happiness and ease. 

* The 6th, 8th, and 12th house are considered to be malefic locations in the horoscope.

Someone will experience depressive symptoms when Moon is placed poorly in the horoscope of his birth i.e. in the 6th 8th, 12th or 6th houses in conjunction with malefic planets in particular Saturn and the female planets in the Moon, Moon is hemmed between malefic planets. Moon is situated in a house that has no other planets to either side. Moon is in conjunction with the Sun. In these situations, the Moon has less power and people feel depressed. The situation becomes more serious when together with Moon ascendant is affected by malefic planets in conjunction or by placement. If the 4th house is weak, and 4th House or it’s lord are affected by malefic influences, the person will typically be afflicted by depression and stress throughout their lives. If correct treatments are taken the person will feel relief from stress and depression. life.


  1. Wear Moon stone, with the help by an astrologer
  2. Solutions to strengthen the 4th House should be taken;
  3. Strategies to build the Ascendant are recommended.
  4. Methods to boost the Moon must be considered.

5. Donate sugar, milk, rice, white cloth to the poor.

6. Practice meditation and Pranayam every day. 

Other remedies are there that can be utilized in accordance with the needs according to the horoscope, after consulting with an Astrologer.

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