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It can be difficult to pick the right career. Your entire life may be in danger if you make the wrong decision. Sometimes, people don’t know what they are looking for, and make poor choices. They are interested in knowing more about themselves and what they want to do in the future. 

They’re always eager to know what their future holds and what career path is the best for them. Raj Guru believes that Career Astrology is the most effective method to find the best career for you. It is a tool based on predictions that provides you with an insight into the future.

Astrological choices to select your career direction

Astrology is the science of understanding the planets and Nakshatras (Constellation) which correspond to them. By studying the Career Horoscope, the native will be able to determine what career they would like to pursue in the near future.

Here are some important points to help you select the best career path for you:

  • The native’s horoscope can reveal all about their earnings as well as their profession and work hours.
  • The placement of planets like Jupiter, Mercury, or Saturn which are connected to Intellect Education, Understanding Level and so on.
  • The position of Planet Sun is a key aspect in determining if the native has an enviable, lucrative career.
  • Saturn is known as an equitably-sized planet. It will give you results based on how hard you put in. It will give you a reward for your efforts and also assist you to be promoted to higher levels.
  • The worth of an individual is revealed by the planet Jupiter. It also shows whether a person will select a reputable career.
  • Mercury planet is a great supporter for natives who succeed in fields closely linked to accounting or statistics.

Career and future prediction by date of birth by Indian Astrology:

The date of birth can reveal a lot about their personality. Every zodiac sign has distinct characteristics. The month that the person was born may reflect their Zodiac signs. Based on the traits of each sign and characteristics, the occupations suitable for the sign are listed below.

  • For Aries defense, pharmacy, police, army and defense are the most lucrative fields.
  • Beauty, fashion, as well as the movie industry are among the most appropriate careers for those who are part of the Gemini zodiac signs.
  • The people with Cancer zodiac signs could choose to work in marine-related fields.
  • The natives of Leo are great lecturers and instructors.
  • Natives of Virgo are eligible to apply for jobs in the office or the department of accounting.
  • The Librans that are a zodiac sign will be able to find law to be the best profession for them.
  • The Scorpio zodiac signs are advised to consider career options in the field of pharmacy.
  • Natives of Sagittarius are great instructors and lecturers.
  • Capricorns are the best suited to mining jobs.
  • Aquarius is the zodiac sign of most educators and philosophers. They are among the top options for those who are a part of the zodiac sign Aquarius.
  • People who have Pisces zodiac signs may choose to work in marine-related fields.

A Professional Astrologer Raj Guru who can assist one to get a government job. There is a good chance that one is offered an employment opportunity in the government sector if the 11th, 6th and the 10th houses in their Horoscopes are favorable. Everyone wants to live an extravagant and prosperous life. But it is only possible when the person chooses the best career path based on his/her Astrology.

There are some key points which are always considered by an astrologer to know whether a person will achieve success in life or not:

  • These are the planets that affect the 10th House of the native’s Horoscope.
  • The god of strength, self-confidence, self-respect and power belongs to the 10th house.
  • The impact of transiting planets on other planets.
  • The 10th house is ruled by the planets.
  • The chart of navamsa shows the planet’s position.
  • The Karmasthana 10, the 10th house of astrology provides information on a person’s job and career.

It’s a crucial decision in your life. If you wish to succeed it is essential to select a profession that aligns with your Horoscope.

The best-suited profession as per the Planetary Positions in your horoscope:

  • Moon: Moon is a peaceful and cool planet. It is known for its beauty and creativeness and is an ideal place to work. This includes fashion, media, design, and other work.
  • Sun: Opportunities in the government as well as in managerial positions that require management and leadership skills are offered through Planet Sun.
  • Mars: Mars is a harsh and violent planet. Mars offers employment opportunities in the fields of construction, property transactions products, and other sectors.
  • Mercury: Mercury is concerned with calculations and analysis. The most lucrative jobs on Mercury include accountant, chartered accountant, maths teacher, and many more.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is a planet that helps people become smarter and enhances their intelligence. Jupiter: Jupiter is able to improve the teaching capabilities of individuals and help them become an excellent counselor or writer.
  • Venus: Venus is the planet that is famous as well as luxury and a name. Fashion modeling, fashion designing and acting are all careers that are related to Planet Venus.
  • Saturn: Saturn is a fair planet. The jobs related to this planet are stone-related work like manufacturing textiles and work.
  • Rahu and Ketu are the two planets that have shadows. They are able to bring the most favorable results when they’re placed in a benefic house however, they could also remove everything from the natives if they’re placed in a malefic house. These planets are often associated with a variety of jobs, such as drugs, import and export, in addition to other sectors.

Create your own personalized: Career Astrology

It is crucial to pick the best career. It is impossible to be a passionate person in a field that you aren’t passionate about. If you have questions about the best field to pursue or require someone to assist you, talk with an Astrologer. Contact our panel of Best Indian Astrologers.

You can also figure out the most suitable career for you according to Birth Chart.

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