A happy, stress-free lifestyle requires funds. Some may easily accumulate wealth and enjoy financial stability even though they work less while others might find it difficult to save even meager amounts while working all their lives. For some, this may be depressing. But the positive side is that Vedic Astrology can help you to understand the cause and prescribe remedies to improve your financial and wealth.

Raj Guru Vedic Astrologer believes that your financial and wealth potential can be traced back to the planetary combinations at the moment of your birth, as well as in the present. Wealth and Finance Astrology can help you fix your financial issues. This allows you to get a better understanding of your finances, get rid of the obstacles that limit your income, and find new opportunities to satisfy your financial goals.

Our expert astrologer will analyse your birth chart and help you stabilise your fiscal condition based on the positions of planets in particular houses and the current major/minor planetary transits you experience. The success or failure of your financial plan will be determined by the position of planets within the chart of your birth.


There are many methods of acquiring wealth. Many people earn income from steady sources due to strong wealth yogas (planetary combinations) and others earn riches from the influence of planets in their second, ninth, and eleventh house. Individuals who are involved in employment and business are influenced by the planets connected to the seventh, tenth and 11th houses, which are connected to business relationships as well as professions and gains.

These houses are linked to financial and wealth status. The planets’ positions in these houses could be used to predict the future of your finances.

2nd House (House of Finance/Money)

It signifies wealth creation, assets and possessions

9th House (House of Luck and Fortune).

Represents luck and fortune

11th House (House of Gains)

It is connected with happiness and gain. The 11th House is connected with gain, income as well as prosperity, profit and abundance.

These Houses are not the only ones. The 6th House is used to identify debts and loans, while the 12th House refers to expenses and income loss. These Houses play a significant part in the financial success of your family.

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