According to Raj Saini Astrology – Capricorns take their responsibilities seriously and can become critical of those around them who do not share their sense of seriousness, especially in the workplace.

Capricorns tend to be serious and responsible even as children, and often seem like old souls in young bodies.

Capricorn children are often good with money from an early age and it is not uncommon for them to lend money to their parents. Saving comes naturally to Capricorns and they often deny themselves in order to save money for a goal.

Capricorns love structure and they tend to increase the structure or the rules of any situation in which they are involved. This is why politics appeals to the Capricorn type. They are suited to any career that involves administration and organizing others by implementing structure, such as law, politics and accountancy. They are astute investors and can be very disciplined financially.

Best astrologer Raj saini – In love, Capricorns tend to be reserved, preferring to show affection only in private. They avoid wild promises and reckless behaviour which could compromise their reputations. They choose their partners carefully, fully aware that a mistake is something they would have to live with for a long time.

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