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    Guru Ji Dr. Raj Best Astrologer in Singapore

    Guru ji Dr. Raj is PhD in Astrology and has received multiple National Awards as recognition. He has also been felicitated by several universities and honored with degrees and awards like “Best Astrologer in Singapore” by Prestige Awards – UK and “Best Indian Astrology Guru” by Indian Glory Awards He is an Indian astrologer in Singapore, Guru ji Dr. Raj firmly believes in “Karma”. He says, our present life is directly influenced by our actions in the past and the problems that are yet to come in our life can be avoided by putting positive effort into our present actions.

    Guru Ji Dr. Raj always encourages his clients and helps them in finding ways to cope with their problems.His expertise is not limited to just Vedic astrology he knows subjects like Muslim Astrology, Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, and Vastu Shastra. His thoughts are not materialistic. He believes God not only exists in Heaven, but God also has an organic relationship with our world. He says, our whole world is the “Abode of God”.

    Guru Ji Dr. Raj is a follower of astrology and Guru Ji does not have fixed charges for his service. Guru Ji takes some fixed amount ranging differently for different places as he has denoted. You may pay added as blessings whatever you feel is correct after the predictions. He does not sell any stones. His teachings are based on pure Vedic science to help humanity.

    Change Your Life With Astrology



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    Guruji was very helpful and insightful in his reading and his reading has been eye opening as well. He is very different from other astrologers who do not sell remedy solutions.  ….. Read More 



    Guru Ji is very helpful to show and guide whats the essentials in life to take note of. He shares with you a Life BluePrint and then you can ask any questions to have clarity ….. Read More 



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    Outstanding astrologer, one of the best accurate predictions. 100% outstanding….. Read More



    The court ruled in my favour and I got everything I wanted including custody of my…. Read More

    He is great Astrologer & Teacher for Life !! Explained a lot that was going on in my ….. Read More



    thank you raj guru ji….You are a very positive person. I am feeling relaxed after taking ….. Read More

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