Guru Ji offers Vedic astrology services which are based on accuracy and scientific mathematical calculations. Many things can be predicted accurately.

Due to covid Guru ji not doing face to face consultations. Doing consultations on phone or video calls only.

Maximum Time is 40Min to 60Min Rest Upto to your Question.

Why not? Since your present actions are mere reflections of your past deeds, and the future depends on your present actions, there is always a connection between past, present and future. By constructing the horoscope of a person, an Astrologer can understand his past, present and future.

No Limits You Can ask Question If you Have Booked Consultation with Guru Ji.

Astrology needs your correct date, time and place of birth to erect your horoscope and predict your future. 



Date of Birth 

Place of Birth

Time of Birth

Yes, Before That Book Appointment with Guru Ji.

Vedic (Indian) Astrology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology are different systems developed by ancient seers. Your future does not change with any of these systems. The disparity arises depending on the understanding of these systems by the practicing Astrologers.

Guru Ji has deep knowledge in Vedic astrology with 27 years of Experience. 

Guru ji does not have any fixed charges. You may pay as blessings whatever you feel is correct after the predictions.

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