Raj Guru Indian Astrologer

    Guru ji Dr. Raj  – Astrologer and Mystic.

    Guru ji Dr. Raj  is a name which requires no introduction. Business Entrepreneur with 27 years of experience in Occult Sciences. Popularly called Guru Ji by his followers.

    Guru ji Dr. Raj story starts from poor slums of place name Govind Puri in capital city of India named Delhi. Born on 11th July 1973 in Hoshiarpur (Punjab) in India and was named fondly as Surinder Singh Saini.A boy was growing up in poverty where his Mother Bimla Saini use to work for 3 meals to keep the bodies alive.

    Dreams were bigger for this boy.

    Guru ji Dr. Raj studied in Frank Anthony Public School in Delhi and Graduated in B.Com(Hons) from Deshbandhu college in Delhi. Left studies after Graduation as no money to fund further education he had.

    In 1994, he started his journey towards his dreams. Started a small business in Events management and also his studies in Astrology. Filled with desires to achieve his dreams and quest to find answers why & how he can change his life with Astrology.

    Astrology taught him how to predict the future and how with KARMA change the path to reach the goals. A true example in real life how a poor boy used knowledge of Astrology to turn into a Millionaire and achieved Education of MBA (Banking and Finance), LLb., Higher Diploma in Marketing, Singapore Chartered Accountant (SCA) and PHD. Guru ji Dr. Raj rechristened himself to Raj Saini based on his experience of Astrology.


    Guru ji Dr. Raj has touched the lives of people in more than 32 countries worldwide with his event presentations and seminars. Being an avid student of Vastu and Astrology, he had studied thousands of horoscopes.

    Famous astrologer with base in Singapore, but still calls  himself a student in Astrology. Guru ji Dr. Raj is a follower of  astrology for all. His teachings are based on pure Vedic science to help humanity.

    Today, He is a successful professional on just a pure basis of aligning energy scientifically. Guru ji Dr. Raj believes that a responsible individual has to give back to the community. This belief has resulted in his association with various charitable causes around the world.


    Truly a Guru – Guru ji Dr. Raj


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