FREE introductory Class.

Small batch of 1-5 students. Option to study on ZOOM or FACE TO FACE.

Batch starts December 2020

SYLLABUS of Vedic Astrology Course

First Month 12 classes, Second Month 12 classes and Third Month 12 classes.

First Month Syllabus
Role of house
Role of signs
Role of planets(in all houses)
Role of significators
Role Yog karak
Badhak akarak
Panch maha purush yog
Dhan yog
Kaal Sarp yog
Activation of house
Basics of prediction
Luner yog
Sun yog
Veepreet raj yog
Neech bhang raj yog

Second Month Syllabus
Foreign settlement
Based on education
Based on marriage
Based on profession
Love marriage
Characteristics of spouse
Delay marriage
Family happiness
Sex of child
Mode of delivery
Timing of child
Mentally retarded child
Evil spirits
Education giving planets
Gay and lesbian

Third Month Syllabus
Profession giving planets
Role of house in profession
Role of planets in profession
Role of signs in profession
Mode of profession
Timing of gain profession
How to predict D 10
Divisional chart 9

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More details about teacher Raj Saini available at

We are open to further questions if any.

Raj Saini – Best Indian Astrologer In Singapore

Raj Saini being famous astrologer in Singapore is popularly called GURU JI by his followers and gives astrological remedies On Medical astrology, Relationship Astrology, Career Astrology in SINGAPORE, USA, CANADA, INDIA, UK, and MALAYSIA.

Being an avid follower of Vaastu and Astrology, he had studied thousands of horoscopes.

Raj Saini is the Founder and Promoter, with 25 years of experience in Occult Sciences.

Raj Saini has touched the lives of people in more than 32 countries worldwide with his event presentations and seminars. Being an avid follower of Vaastu and Astrology, he had studied thousands of horoscopes.

Being such a famous astrologer with base in Singapore, but still calls himself a student in Astrology. Raj Saini is rated as one of the best astrologers in Singapore, India, UK and worldwide.

Raj Saini is a follower of astrology for all and accept any amounts as per the wish of followers after the predictions as BLESSINGS only. He does not charge anything fix for the consultations and does not sell any stones. His teaching is based on pure Vedic science to help humanity.

He was born in an ultra-poor family in an Indian city named Delhi. To rising from poverty, today, he is a successful professional on just a pure basis of aligning energy scientifically. Raj believes that a responsible individual has to give back to the community. This belief has resulted in his association with various charitable causes around the world.

A qualified Chartered Accountant (ISCA), MBA, Bcom (Hons) with teaching interest in Vaastu, Astrology, Writing and Fitness – he is a man of multiple personalities

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