Can Astrology Help in Making The Right Career Choice?

    Can Astrology Help in Making The Right Career Choice?

    If you consider the aspects of life with regard to importance, your career is sure to be in the top tiers. Although it’s interesting as it may seem, choosing a profession isn’t a straightforward task. Everyone complains of struggling to make it in the professional world or why they cannot keep up in their chosen field. This isn’t out of frustration! Their disbelief is simply an inevitable consequence of a bad career decision. A wrong choice can keep a person from making the same mistake for the rest of their lives. 

    A career is a situation where public opinions or suggestions do not make a difference. Instead of passing off as a momentary pity it is necessary to obtain more precise information about your feelings about yourself and what professional path will lead to success. This is where studying the art of Astrology can assist you.

    Astrology isn’t mystical, it’s a real-world research that offers information on the best timing. In terms of career-related matters, making the right decision at the right moment is the goal. Astrology employs the birth chart to help determine the right time of your move, or the best possibility that you should grab onto. The better your understanding of timing, the greater chance of having favorable results.

    How Does it Work?

    As per the Astrology rules the success of an ascendant’s career is determined by the most influential sign of the Horoscope. The sign of the ascendant is controlled by an aspectual Lord or the supreme planet which governs the entire time-line of a career. Astrology is able to help to determine the career path of a child with an logical explanation about the fields of study that may select.

    Each sign of the zodiac is composed of one element from the four, namely Air, Earth, Fire and Water. These four elements form the body, mind and soul of a person. The four fundamental elements are related to a person’s sense of timing and nature of the field.

    • Air signs include Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius
    • The signs of the Earth include Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo
    • The signs of fire include Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries
    • The signs of water are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

    Every element has its own characteristic and the one most dominant in the zodiac influences the path of ascendant. The field you select such as engineering, medicine or networking, reveals the planetary location of your zodiac.

    How can Astrology help you choose the most suitable career Field?

    An issue that a lot of people encounter in the present — The when you have completed your academic studies at a professional level or just graduated from college, you are confronted with an ever-growing array of careers which are lucrative and provide incredible opportunities and advantages. The process of narrowing down your options may be difficult initially, but you’ll be quick to pick one as the stakes are very high and the competition is intense. It’s just an issue of time before you realize that you’ve committed a mistake, but it’s already too late.

    Based on the information above Based on the above information, here are the various job fields available to house owners.

    • First house is the symbol for the professional area of business.
    • Ruling planets located in second houses suggest professional opportunities in the vast subject of tutoring or finance.
    • The third house is a sign of a career that is related to communication. It could be the media presenter, broadcaster advertising, digital marketing and more.
    • The fourth house of the horoscope is a representation of physical entities. It’s mostly related to vehicles and land. This implies an occupation in sales and purchase, or something like the real estate industry and mass production.
    • The fifth house is for those who enjoy gambling and bet on the outcome. Stock trading and investment banking are two popular options.
    • The sixth house is the home of the strength. The possibility of becoming a police officer or a member of the armed forces is plausible.
    • The Seventh House is for people who are willing to explore various fields in a group. Partnership is a more appropriate term for this. Conglomerate businesses or joint business plans can be a wonderful career choice.
    • The eight house is a symbol of academic pursuit. A career in the research and development field is a good idea.
    • The Ninth and Tenth house are considered as the sacred corner or the authority corner. People who have ruling planets in this house are blessed with a bright prospects in the fields of politics or religion.
    • Eleventh house symbolizes the flow of money. A job that is related to managing financial funds, including investing and banking.
    • Twelfth house can be a reference to a profession associated with travel to foreign countries.

    Your career path is determined by the house dominating within the Janam Kundali.

    If you’re in a dilemma between a variety of career choices and are unable to make a choice and are unable to decide, you can talk about your concerns with one of our Astrologers who specialize in career-related astrology. Our expert astrologers are able to provide solutions to your questions about careers. Get in touch now to get the best solutions to your career-related issues. 

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