Citrine Bracelet Benefits –

    For business Progress, Customer relation and attracting new customers.

    This is an original yellow citrine (Sunela) Bracelet with cut stones. This Suneila stone bracelet looks very elegant on the wrist.
    Ruling planet: Jupiter / Brihaspati.
    Citrine is a variety of Quartz which is also called success stone. It clears the aura, and promotes wellness in totality.

    Benefits of Yellow Citrine Bracelet:

    This bracelet is used widely for healing purposes.
    It is good for people suffering from Planet Briahspati (Jupiter) bad effects .
    It helps to reduce impatience and balances high energy.
    It removes tensions, promote clarity and brings stability in the life of its wearer
    It helps to enhance wealth and prosperity.
    It is especially beneficial for people in business as it brings increased earnings.
    It is said to improve stamina of the wearer by enhancing sun plexus 3rd eye chakra.

    Physical Healing Properties

    • protection, mental clarity, will power, self-confidence, increase energy,
    • sensuality, sexuality, boost personal power, protection from abuse,
    • stomach problems, diabetes, growth issues, digestion, metabolism, kidney, bladder, liver, spleen, back pain, allergies

    Physical healing properties of Citrine crystal are associated with its energy-boosting characteristics that increase stamina, energy levels, improve intelligence, concentration, wisdom, self-confidence, and mental clarity. It is also beneficial for stabilizing and balancing hormone production that is associated with growth. Citrine improves digestion, nutrient absorption, reduces food allergic reactions, and improves metabolism.

    Wearing this crystal as a piece of jewelry may have a positive impact on improving your nails, skin, hair, sexual drive, reduce menopause symptoms, and reproductive organ issues and infections. The positive energy vibration of this stone will have a positive impact on your life and well-being.

    Emotional Healing Properties

    • self-esteem, confidence, individuality, expression
    • depression, fear, phobias, calm, optimism,
    • positive feelings, positive thoughts, emotional balance, joy, happiness, love.
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