How do you predict death in Astrology

    How do you predict death in Astrology

    A house in the astrology of death is a sign that death is a factor in the horoscopes. it reveals “when will i die astrology prediction” and the way to view death in your horoscope. Death prediction astrology will inform you that you have a peaceful passing of the astrology field, premature death in the astrology field, and death that is not natural in astrology.

    House of Death In Astrology

    The eighth house is thought of as the home of dying, and it determines the length of our lives. The 8th house decides if it is an unnatural death and if it is an accident (by fire, accident or illness drowning, suicide or accident).

    The precise time of death is difficult to determine in astrology. However, the exact time of death could be calculated (near to) in relation to planets’ positions, Dasha, and Sub-Dasha time frames of marakas. It is important to understand the fact that the dasha associated with a maraka doesn’t not mean that the cause of death, nor does it mean that the dasha of malefic for a particular lagna that is not death-causing affects the health of the person. It’s just that in the course of these diehas, one might encounter certain difficulties, some of which could be death or similar to the death of someone close to them or other events that can alter the way of life of a person.

    The Planets that Cause Death : Death Predictions in Astrology

    1. Death from fire occurs when the Sun is in the 8th House.Death due to water when The Moon falls in the 8th HouseThe death of weapons occurs when Mars has been placed in the eighth House.The death of fever occurs during the time Mercury is in the 8th House.The death rate from chronic illnesses occurs during the time Jupiter occurs in the eighth House.The death of thieves occurs at the time Venus lies in the 7th House.Die from starvation during the time of Saturn is in the 8th house.

    It is also important to note that:

    1. The Sun can cause death through paralysis, apoplexy, and fever.The Moon (Chandrama) can cause deaths from water-borne diseases such as drowning, diarrhea, dysentery , and blood impurities.It is believed that Mars (Mangal) can cause death due to pneumonia, cholera, plague and other outbreaks, hemorrhage, abortion, bronchitis due to surgical procedures, accidents caused by gunshots, etc.Mercury (Budhh) is responsible for death from fever of the brain. It also causes smallpox, nerve disorders, whooping cough , and attacks. Jupiter can cause death due to mental anxiety, or an illness that is not identified, such as pleurisy, liver disease, inflammation of the lung, heart failure, and spasms.Venus (Shukra) can bring about death due to excess drinking, fasting, extreme heat, and venereal disease.Saturn (Shani) is the god of death. Saturn (Shani) can be the cause for the death of suffocation victims burning, rheumatic fever, burns paralysis, melancholia, and TB.

    8th House: Astrologer Raj Guru

    1. The Lord of the 8th, located in the 12th, with malefics has a brief time. This is also the case if the 8th falls located in the 6th with malefic influence.The Lord of the 8th within its sign offers the possibility of a long life. The Lord of the 8th located in the 7th in his own home, in the form of the exaltation of a friend or a friend is also thought to represent a practice of yoga to live a longevity.The Lord of the 8th and the 1st house, when combined on the 12th, or 6th house, and under benefic aspect, give the longest life. The lords of the 6th and 12th house in the 1st house, under benefic aspect, also provide longevity.Good longevity can also be conferred by the Lord of the 10th which is situated in the form of a sign of praise. The lords of the 10th 8th, 1st and 10th Kendras are able to give long-lasting life.The mentioned planets along with Saturn are located in Kendra that are within their own signs or Mooltrikona signs and the natives enjoy the longest life.The Lord of the Lagna has a Kendra Jupiter or Venus or is aspected by either of them. One has a long life.If natural malefics are in those houses, the third, the sixth, and the 11th house and natural benefics are found in trines and kendras, and the Lord of the 1st is strong, the native will enjoy the full duration.If Kendras contain planets that are benefic and the Lord of the lagna has an aspect of benefic and is in the direction of Jupiter the person will live longer.Natural benefic planets are found in the 6th 7th, 7th and the 8th house and are connected to beneficial aspects, and there are malefics in the 3rd 11th and 6th houses, the one with longevity.If the 8th house’s lord is located in the 1st, under the influence of Jupiter as well as Venus or is connected to these two planets and the lord of the 1st is located in Kendra, the person has an extended life.If in the horoscope of the three planets that are exalted, including the Lord of the 8th is in the 1st and there are no malefics on the 8th, one can live a long and healthy life.There are 3 planets that reside in the eighth House and each is in good standing and the Lord of the Lagna is strong, you can expect longevity.It is possible to live a long and healthy life when all planets are in trines or angles, and all planets are healthy through Vargas.Malefics that reside in those on the 8th or 6th or 12th, and the lords of the lagna , are weak, and there isn’t a benefic effect to any of these elements and one of them is only short-lived and is without any progeny.If Malefics reside in Kendras but without any benefics and the Lord in the lagna lacks strength, the one will last only a few days.If malefics of nature are situated in the 2nd and 12th houses, they are not affected by benefics, and are located in malefic shastiamsa, one will have an extremely short lifespan.Three types of longevity exist. The shortest is 32 years. Between 32-69 is considered middle. The longest life span is 69 years and over.If the Lord of Lagna represents the adversary of the Sun then the lifespan is very short. If it’s neutral, then the time to live is middle. If it’s one of your friends, the length is extended.One can live until middle age when the lord in the lagna’s weak. Jupiter has a trine or kendra as well as natural negatives on the 8th, or 12th.If a benefic is located in the kendra or trine, and Saturn is powerful in a kendra or the trine, malefics can be found between the 6th and 8th. Yoga provides middle endurance.If both the lords from the 1st and 8th houses are weak , and are affected by Mars and the 6th house lord is killed, the native will die during battle or be killed by weapons.If the Lords of the 8th and the 1st house are situated in the 6th along with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn and are in the primary phase of the lord from the 8th and in the sub-period of the lord who is the 1st house, or vice versa, the death occurs because of theft or weapons.If the lords of the 1st and 8th house are in the same house as the 4th house lord Death is caused by conveyances. If they are both in conjunction with Jupiter the death is due to a lack of appetite. This can also happen in the event that the lord from the 1st as well as Jupiter are during the sixth. It can also happen when the lords of the 1st 4th, 2nd and 1st are in the same place.If the Lords of the 1st or 2nd houses are associated in conjunction with Saturn Death occurs through the consumption of poison. If the two Lords of the 1st house and the 2nd houses are in the midst of Rahu or Ketu and are located in the 6th 8th or 12th house the other is hanged.If the Lord of the 6th house is in conjunction with Rahu, Ketu and Saturn The person who dies is by the hand of wild animals. If the 6th lord is associated with Jupiter the death occurs through an elephant. If it’s the Moon it’s due to horses. If it’s with Mars the death can be attributed to an animal. If you’re with the Sun it is through the horns or horns of an animal.In the event that the Moon is in the 8th House along the astrological signs of Rahu or Saturn as well as weaker with respect to Paksha strength, then one may suffer from epilepsy. Moon in this kind of state also causes trouble for spirits of the dead as well as from water.If the weak Moon is situated on the 8th, along with Mars, Rahu and Saturn or is placed between the 6th and 12th, it is prone to epilepsy and problems caused by dead souls.Moon on the 4th of July with node may cause one to suffer from frequent fevers. This is more severe if you are with the Lord of the 8th situated in the malefic shashtiamsha.When the Sun is on the 6th or 8th, under the sign of debilitation , and is aspected by malefics due to the government’s punishment and suffers financial losses as a result of it.If Sun is aligned with Mars within the 9th or the 10th house and is afflicted by malefics, it is possible to see an premature death of the father. In the event that both Lagna and Moon are affected with two malefics the other dies in the early years of the age of.When at the time of birth, the Moon is in eclipse or is under Parivesh and is influenced by malefics, it brings about the appearance of sudden death. If the Asterisms Chitra, Uttara Phalguni or Purvashadha are located in the ascendant of Moon degree, and that the Moon is eclipsed or under Parivesh it could be dangerous for the health for the mom, son , and their maternal uncles.If Mars is within the 8th and 7th house , and is in the midst of malefics, the native will die in the early hours. If Mars is located in the 3rd together with malefics, and is being influenced by malefics, yoga can indicate the death of younger brothers.In the event that the Moon is in the 7th, along with a malefic, and is in turn influenced by malefics, then the yoga signifies that the mother is dying early. In the event that the Sun is in the same position this indicates the death of the father. When Mars, Saturn and Venus are located in the 7th, it signifies the death of a son.In the event that Sun or Moon occurs on the 12th, without an aspect of benefics , the person who is born blind. If one of them falls in the 6th, and another in the 12th with no any benefic aspect, the other is blind in one eye.When it is the case that both the Sun or Moon are located in the 12th and the Lord of the 12th is located in the 1st, this signifies the destruction of the body. Similar signs occur when Jupiter is situated on the 12th or 8th , with malefics, and is under malefic aspect.If the 1st house lord is strong, and the Lords of the 9th and 4th houses are weak and reside in the 8th house There will be an untimely death for the father as well as the mother in the year of birth.If the Lord of the 3rd house with the Moon is in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses One drinks the milk of females in addition to his own. Mother’s death is soon after birth. If the Lord of the 9th house as well as it’s symbol (Sun) are in the 6th or 8th house, or the 12th the father is unable to have contact with his son.If two planets, the lord of the 9th as well as the Sun are in the trine, this is a sign of good luck for the father. The position of the lord of 9th Sun as well as Saturn on the sixth house signifies that the dad died in the night.If the 9th house lord is situated in a moveable sign , or inside the house of the 8th the father is taken far from home. If the sign is fixed or a two-sign, then death takes place close to home.In the event that you find that the Sun as well as the Moon are located in kendras with moveable signs, the child won’t have the chance to burn the pyres of his parents.If the Lord of the 9th house is strong, and Moon and the lord of the ascendant, and the lord of the 4th house are weak the yoga can indicate serious difficulties for the mother.When there are a lot of negative aspects in the 8th house, illness can develop on or near the rectum. However, this will not be the case in the case of beneficial aspects to this house.A person lives a happy life when benefics are that influence this 8th House. If malefic influences are present, there will be food that is sour.In the event that the eighth house happens to be situated near malefics, or is aspected by malefics, it is usually defeated in the undertaking. If benefic planets are present in the 8th house, there is no loss for the person who is born there.When house 8 is considered to be a moveable home and the 8th Lord is a sign that can be moved, one is able to leave home.

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