Rahu And Ketu Are Transiting In Aries And Libra 2022

    Rahu And Ketu Are Transiting In Aries And Libra 2022

    Know from Guru Ji Dr. Raj How Rahu Ketu Transit will be Affected your life and what measures you will have to take for that.

    Rahu and Ketu are likely to change their positions in your horoscope at the end of 18 years of age and will have both positive and negative influences on every zodiac sign.

    The two Rahu as well as Ketu are both shadow planets within the Horoscope. Similar to other planets Rahu and Ketu don’t have distinct identities. It was believed Rahu and Ketu are malefic to the natives when they aren’t properly positioned on the chart of the horoscope. If they move in different positions in the horoscope, they could create a positive or negative influence on the person.

    This year, on the 11th April, 2022 Rahu along with Ketu will shift their positions, and move to a different zodiac sign, Aries as well as Libra respectively. We will tell you that Rahu is moving to Aries, which is ruled by Mars and Rahu and his adversaries. In contrast, Ketu will be moving to the house of Libra which is controlled by Venus However, the two have none of their differences.

    Rahu as well as Ketu will be put in new homes for around 18 months. Since Rahu is a tyrant against the god of Aries These natives will be affected by a myriad of changes over the next 18 months.


    Rahu will be entering the zodiac sign after 18 years. Ketu will be on the seventh house Horoscope. This is when the pressures will rise, however you need to maintain your faith. While worries may surround you from every angle You will not let your confidence wane. There is a high chance of becoming sick, and some surgeries may be required.


    This transition will mean that Rahu will depart from his 12th zodiac house, and leave peace in your thoughts and lots of joy within the family. There will be progress in the realm of finances. You can expect plenty of happiness from the children living in the home. If you’ve suffered from an issue for a number of years and it is finally over, it will come to an end. You’ll have to develop new plans of action.


    Rahu will move into the 11th house in your horoscope. Ketu will be moved into the fifth house. This change is unlikely to bring about any significant changes in your life. It is unlikely to cause any problems in your daily life. Be cautious when driving your vehicle. Even though everything is in order there is a chance that you are afraid about the unknowable. Rahu’s placement is likely to bring victory in all conflicts and Ketu will likely bring you cash. There is a chance of an increase in costs due to the construction work.


    Rahu is now put in the 10th, and Ketu will be placed in the house of the Fourth. It is possible that you will have to perform things that you do not want to. There is a chance of having conflict with a family member. Be aware when using electronic devices. There is a risk that you are cheated in business. If you are in a dispute, make sure to step back.


    The new location in the horoscope of Rahu as well as Ketu in the horoscope could aid in removing any disappointments from your life. You may meet people you’ve not had the chance to see for a while in the past. People who live abroad will gain and their income will increase. There are a variety of options to rid yourself of debt. There will be a boost in your work, as well as disputes settled. Profits will accrue from your property.


    Certain issues could come up in your life because of the position of Rahu in the seventh house, and Ketu within the house of the second. The frustration will be constant and your work may not finish on time. Be cautious when using your vehicle. Beware of any controversy whenever possible. There is the possibility of a domestic conflict. Avoid activities that pose a great deal of risk.


    When Rahu moves into the 5th house much of your work will be completed. Everything you plan are likely to be successful, and you will come up with new reasons to celebrate with your family. But, your obligations will grow. You’ll be able to enjoy the joy of children. There is the possibility of injury or illness to the ears and nose.


    This change between Ketu and Rahu will be beneficial in your zodiac signs. The future will be favorable to you. The enemies will attempt to hurt you, but they’ll fail. The worries will be gone and you’ll be engaged in lots of religious activities. There is a good chance of traveling. It is possible to consider buying an apartment.


    Rahu is moving into the 5th house. Ketu will be moved towards the 11th house. it will not have a negative impact on your daily life. Everything will go favorable to you. You may experience some anxiety and anxiety of fear that is not known. You may also experience discomfort on your knees. You may be thinking of buying new property.


    Rahu is going to be put in the 4th house. Ketu will be placed in the 10th place. There is a chance that you will be suffering from financial issues. There is a chance of becoming sick from diseases such as arthritis, muscles, or TB. There is lower support and care from family members. Children can cause some difficulties. There are a lot of obstacles when you try to finish your task.


    Rahu is in the house of the third as well as Ketu within the ninth house can bring some profits to you. You can travel more frequently during the 18 months. On the job you can be assured that you will be offered promotions or transfers. It will be a feeling of expanding your job. There will be an improvement in your expenditure. There is the possibility of an argument with your close family and friends.


    The income will be good because of this transition however, you could be suffering from skin issues. You will win in disagreements. You’ll finish every new task. There will be opportunities for promotions at your workplace.


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