Jupiter-Ketu conjunction In Astrology.

Jupiter-Ketu conjunction In Astrology.

When you have a conjunction between two planets, their results will be determined by their lordships and their significance in astrology, and not least , the power of the two planets in the same respective signs.

Ketu : Separating spiritual Enlightening, positive past-life significator abrupt, intense, sorrow or chaos, lack of interest and pessimism, etc.

Jupiter: Knowledge, wisdom, devotion, philosophy,generosity, patience, Benevolent,expander,justice, extravagance, priest, teacher, Jovial nature, obesity and so on.

If Jupiter as well as Ketu, a natural benefic and a natural malefic planet are placed together within any chart the person feels very happy to not chase excessive materialistic things and be self-confident.

Jupiter is the world of expansion and knowledge in which Ketu is for a love of spirituality. When the two planets are in conjunction and a person is born with an instinctual desire to be aware of Almighty in His power and his attributes, which is the primary reality of Creativity, etc.

Jupiter is the god of higher knowledge and generosity. When combined with Ketu the combination can make a person feel scattered across the entire spectrum, whether it’s gaining information or engaging in spirituality.

The natural 9th and 12th houses the lord of natural 9th and 12th house Jupiter when it is in conjunction with the planet Ketu. The person could be educated in Shastras and in a variety of languages, but never too extravagant or ambitious in their life. They are not Go Getter types.

A person with Jupiter Ketu conjunction in a Horoscope has a weak foundation of belief. It is easy to alter their opinions or beliefs and firmness is often lacking. The Jupiter Ketu conjunction is best in Sagittarius & Pisces Sign. The person is blessed with good traits.

If Jupiter is weakened or weak situated or is severely afflicted by other malefics of a functional nature in the horoscope Ketu in conjunction with Jupiter could make a person dissembling, unsocial, and lacking in popularity in the society and drug use, etc.

The commonality between Jupiter and Ketu is the concept of ‘Spirituality’. when these two planets of spirituality are aligned, at some point in life the person takes a plunge into the depths of the occult and the majority of their decisions they make are based on their own intuition. They tend to be guided by their intuition.

Jupiter and Ketu conjunction , wherever it takes place, destroys one of the signs of this particular house in the horoscope.

In the 9th or 12th house this Jupiter Ketu combination is extremely beneficial in the progression of spirituality, provided that Jupiter is not suffering from.

Ketu’s nature is to be a separatist, therefore there will come a time in life when a person is going through the dilemma of choosing the right religion for him and whether to follow in the direction of Dharma, intuition or not.

Or Jupiter or Ketu that have a connection to the Ascendant or the 10th house the person might be employed as an Astrologer, Priest magician, alchemist, spiritual master, teacher.

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