Ketu located in the house of 8 can cause an accident with a huge vehicle or injuries caused by horses, donkey mules or camels, elephants, buffalo, etc. If Ketu isn’t constantly in the influence of Saturn or Mars the injury is usually small and easy to heal. This could result in injuries from a bite by dogs or jackal fox or camel. It is possible that this could not trigger the rabies virus. Bite or sting from poisonous snake, crocodile scorpion, wasp or is part of the consequences associated with Ketu within the eighth house.

    Effects of Ketu in the Eighth House

    When Ketu is in an alliance in a relationship with Moon or Venus and especially in an Aqueous Rasi it is related to food or water poisoning. In most cases, Ketu is in the eighth house. This can cause piles(hemorrhoids) discomfort, specifically in the case of the possibility of a piles strain from parents or grandparents, even generations apart. Fistula or other allied diseases do not require a family or medical history.

    Another element associated with Ketu of the 8th House is the tendency to move toward non-natural physical contact with either sexual or physical contact. The analysis of the horoscopes for lesbians and gays shows that at least 50% could be blessed with Rahu or Ketu in the 8th house, specifically Ketu of the 8th House. It is believed that people may show an interest in later times in the course of 45 or 48 years old.

    But, Ketu will not give any serious illness or disease when he is in the 8th place, due to these tendencies. However, should Mars, Saturn, or Venus be associated with Ketu within the house of 8th, or if they cast massive Drishti upon Ketu in the second house then the illness or illness triggered by it can be more difficult to treat and leave a space to reassure.

    As per astrologer Raj Guru Ketu is the eighth house. It can make the spouse demand monetary issues or in a sexual relationship that occasionally the husband fails to meet. If you have a Rasi is controlled by Mercury or Venus is located in the eighth house Ketu is likely to improve the financial situation of the person who is native as well as the status of the person, provided Mercury or Venus are no longer in the 3rd, 1st, or the 6th house.

    If Moon is in the 2nd house, and Mars is in the 8th house, Ketu in the 8th house could cause leukemia or skin-related disorder. It is believed that when Moon occurs in the 12th House (Ketu is located in the eighth house) It is likely to cause neurological problems depending on the position of Moon and the vulnerability of the 12th house.

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