An inauspicious Yoga named Panchak Starts Saturday 23 February 2020 – 24:29:29 (Hindu day is from sunrise to sunset). till 28th February 2020 – 01:09:04. A famous verse in GARUDA PURAN states that Panchak starting SATURDAY is known as MRITYU PANCHAK or yoga which may get you closer to Death (Mrityu) or Death (Mrityu) like experience,

    ‘धनिष्ठ-पंचकं ग्रामे शद्भिषा-कुलपंचकम्।
    पूर्वाभाद्रपदा-रथ्याः चोत्तरा गृहपंचकम्।
    रेवती ग्रामबाह्यं च एतत् पंचक-लक्षणम्।।’

    Panchak means group of Five (Panch). In every month, it is period of five days when Moon transits from Aquarius & Pisces signs respectively.
    Dhanishtha (Last two parts), Shatbhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Utrabhadrapada and Revati are five Nakshatras or calculated as four and a half Nakshatras are known as a Panchak.

    There are five kinds of Panchak, based on Vaar (days). These are named as: Mrityu (death), Rog (disease), Kingdom (Raj), Agni (fire), and Chor (theft).

    The period of Mrityu Panchak commences on Saturday, and can be fatal for one’s life. Hence, one must avoid performing anything risky during this time, as there are chances of injuries or accidents.

    Do Not perform some of the auspicious events during Panchak period. It is believed, that an auspicious work performed during this period will give mostly bad results or there may be obstacles or unnecessary delay in undertakings.Inauspicious work done during this period, will be performed again and may be repeated up to five times.�
    Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Mantra relieves the pain of this period.

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