Planetary Combination for Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Astrology

    Planetary Combination for Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Astrology

    Planetary Combination of Delay or Denial of Child Birth in Astrology. There is a sequence of events that runs through life: birth of parents, education work, marriage, job and birth. If there is a deficiency of any connection within the cycle, an individual believes that their life isn’t complete.

    It is believed it is said that someone who isn’t married is unfinished. In the same way, families are considered to be insufficient even without children. The entire house is alive because of having children If a daughter is born, then we declare that Lakshmi is into the home, etc.

    Through my astrological journey which I’ve experienced, each person hopes for the perfect child. Often, I get asked this kind of question.

    1. Are there signs of some happiness in my horoscope? Or is it not?
    2. What’s the reason behind the delay in the birth of a child?
    3. In the event that there’s a child How many of them are there?
    4. When there’s a child, is it son or daughter, or both?
    5. Is my child’s schooling satisfactory?
    6. Are my children able to take care of me?

    Astrological reasons for delays or complications in the birth of a child:

    There’s been a great deal of focus on the study of childbirth issues in the field of astrology. However, to find out the reason for childbirth issues in the life of couple, their respective Horoscopes have to be studied however, the main reasons for analyzing the issues are:


    • Malefics such as Saturn, Rahu and Ketu suggest a turbulent pregnancy as well as a chance of miscarriage/abortion when they’re during the Mahadasha, Dasha or the Antardasha and in particular when they transit or are in the of the fifth house.


    • The placement, aspect and transit of Mars is meticulously studied to determine if the baby is born through the natural process of birth or by an operation.

    Sign in the 5th House:

    • From the twelve signs of an Astrologer, he specifically is interested in the sign in the 5th House as it affects pregnancy and birthing to a significant degree.


    If, as a result of a bad suggestion or admonitions, a person wears a gem which is not suitable according to his/her horoscope this can cause turmoil in all areas of life, including birth.

    • If one pair’s horoscopes are affected by the ailment of Dosha (a defect in the combination of the planets in the native’s Horoscope) various aspects of the life will be severely affected, including birth.
    • Wearing of an unfavorable Gemstone

    Not to be forgotten: It must be mentioned it is the case that Jupiter is the most important planet that is the significator for birth. Jupiter is also the planet searched for by its location in the search for the birth of a child.

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