Rahu and Ketu In Astrology

    Rahu and Ketu In Astrology

    Vedic Astrology (Raj Guru Astrologer) uses seven planets: Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus as real planets as well as Rahu and Ketu in analyzing charts. The arrangement of the planets at the time of our birth and the location of our birth will be our birth chart . It will depict our soul’s path through the world of earth. The chart will reveal our personality as well as the types of relationships we’re likely to be able to establish and also our finances, careers, and health issues to mention a few aspects. Additionally, the Vedic system uses the planetary cycles and transits to establish when the karmic events will occur throughout our lives.

    Rahu and Ketu aren’t planets with physical substance as all the planets. Instead, they are churned-up areas of energy, brimming with mystery and significance. These are the locations where the Moon as well as Earth’s orbits cross. The result is two zones of electromagnetic disturbances that are opposite to each other and are now called The Moon’s Nodes as well according to Vedic terminology Rahu as well as Ketu.

    RahuKetu Is the Sanskrit name used for all the Nodes that make up the Moon. Rahu represents the North and Ketu is the South one of the Moon. They always lie directly opposite one another, which is 180 degrees from each other.

    They are part of the karmic axis of the Vedic chart of astrology that indicates the kinds of karmas that will come into this world to be experienced by each person. They also reveal the areas of your life you should focus on or strive for perfection in.


    In Indian Mythology, Lord Visnu had made all the Deities (the seven planets) immortal. Visnu was churning through the sea to obtain the holy nectar, known as amrita with the goal of making the planet’s Gods immortal. Visnu had all the gods of the planet set up to drink the potion of nectar. However, a demon named Rakshasha that appeared to be a dragon, entered and disguised itself as a god in order to make itself immortal. When Visnu realized that he was fooled into offering nectar to the demon, He took his sword and cut the demon into two pieces. The dragon’s head changed into Rahu as did the body, while its tail Ketu however, was not able to be killed as they had been given the nectar. The nodes Rahu as well as Ketu saw the fury they caused Visnu and did their repentance and eventually were granted planetary status. Thus, Rahu along with Ketu are an extremely powerful force throughout our lives to manage the karmic influence and circumstances by using Rahu and Ketu. Rahu Ketu the axis. Rahu is the symbol for Rahu symbolizes the head of the dragon and Ketu is the tail.

    The place in the chart of Rahu on the Vedic chart of astrology will reveal the primary focus area for the individual. For instance, someone who has Rahu located in ascendant signs (the the first house) is very focused on themselves and could appear as if they are very selfish to people surrounding them. However, it is important for the person to possess this mindset and it is their job to keep their needs in line with the needs of a partner should they choose to form relationships. This is the issue for those who have Rahu within the 1st house. People with Rahu at the 10th place of careers will have a keen focus on their career and position and will require recognition in terms of status and power. People who have Rahu at the level of the 6th will concentrate to serve people in the form of healing and helping others. Rahu located in the 4th House gives great importance to the environment in which they live. In this way , the Rahu Ketu axis may be used to provide another layer of significance to the chart. It can help illuminate the life goals and the direction of everyone regardless of their ascendant or falling Moon or Sun sign.

    Rahu symbolizes focus and the place you’re most likely to focus your energy and efforts. In this way, it may also be a symbol of unending desires as well. One of the biggest challenges for us is to limit or manage our desires to achieve harmony within our daily lives. Rahu is in the 12th house. It could be a sign of a tendency that, if not controlled, could lead to an increase in alcoholism. Working too much could cause an unhappy partner and, consequently, relationship problems. Therefore, we can see that our passions could be a challenge. Rahu is also a symbol of wealth and power and wealth, which is why Chinese especially often believe in the dragon to bring prosperity to their lives.

    While Rahu is extremely involved in earthly and material issues, his counterpart Ketu is more involved with bringing into the present life experiences that are relevant to the present and encouraging us to let go of our emotional weight and shame. Ketu will also help us to abandon thinking about things intellectually to a degree in the sense that Ketu goes beyond rational thinking and more toward faith. Ketu could cause blocks and hurt within our lives to force us to alter our mental patterns and change our lives. It could manifest as irrational fear and stimulate the investigation into the unconscious mind that could lead to significant shifts and growth. Ketu is in fact highly optimistic and is interested in changing and surrendering one’s self towards a divine power which eventually leads to enlightenment.

    We now have the axis. On the one hand Rahu is extremely involved in the world of desires and the physical world, while Ketu is very involved in the spiritual realm. Both of them are working in your life , invigorating your goals while simultaneously pushing you to renounce. This is the human problem and the essence of our internal struggle.

    Further, in terms of symbolism, Rahu represents the ego and the body . He can encourage us to search for satisfaction, success, and strength in a specific aspect of our lives. In the pursuit of its desires, Rahu could be deceitful and manipulative and trick us into believing that we’re looking after the interests of others, rather than our own interests. The rumor is that politicians have the power of Rahu! Because Rahu is within our minds which is why it is difficult for us to comprehend the role it is playing within our daily lives. This is why within the Vedic and Yoga tradition, it is important to find an expert to guide you in the quest to release the ego, since it is slippery and difficult to identify. Ketu on the other hand symbolizes renunciation, freedom and the ultimate liberation from worldly matters. Ketu is also a symbol of the soul. If Rahu is able to shift its purpose away from material pleasure and unite its goals with Ketu and Ketu, then we can experience the possibility of raising the Kundalini. Rahu originates from the root chakra and may rise to join Ketu at the top of the brain chakra, and unification and illumination is possible.

    For the time being, many of us need to let the energy of our Rahu continue leading us to experience a variety of experiences and feelings in all of our life experiences with the understanding that real and long-lasting fulfillment within these realms is an illusion. When that realization has reached the deepest levels of our minds, we could be in a position using our Rahu energy in conjunction with our Ketu energy to reach more satisfying realms and attain Nirvana.

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