Rahu as a single figure in the ninth house is not as effective when it is not associated with another planet or enjoys directly Drishti from the Lord of the 9th house. In addition, because of Rahu being in the 9th house a person or woman alters their color (of the environment and relatives as well as people) in line with the planet that is in conjunction and Rahu within the 9th house. If there weren’t any other planets in the 9th house that were in conjunction with Rahu the planet would follow the steps of the Lord of the ninth house.

    Impact of Rahu in the Ninth House on you

    Now, if the planet associated with Rahu within the 9th house is a planet (Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter), Rahu would help in the growth of the correct success of the person. Rahu and the megastar that is associated with it could make the character appear religious by way of thoughts and actions, especially when the superstar who is accompanying him is the lord of the 9th, the 10th, or the 11th or 5th houses. In addition the person could be associated with a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is involved in social, charitable, or other non-secular activities. The same consequences will be applicable to the character in the case of the 9th residence being controlled by one of these planets other than the Moon and that the lord of the 9th home is located in either the fifth, 10th or 11th home in the birth chart.

    It could be observed that when talking about the soft stars that are associated together with Rahu within the 9th house Moon was not mentioned. This isn’t an error. It’s deliberate. Moon together with Rahu and Rahu, which is the Rasi is, creates an ECLIPSE combination. With the ability to act. Moon does not have the freedom to play a role in the activities of Rahu and will give the only subdued effect of precise results and religious/social or charitable activities for the person. However, Moon will bring full-on effects in the event that it has the 9th house and is not in the vicinity of Rahu located in either the 5th tenth , or 11th house. It is important to note that If the Moon is shining for the first half of the month, favorable results are more or less certain. This is known by the term waxing Moon.

    But, if the Moon has entered a declining process (as is the case in the dark part in the dark half of the month) the effects could be less than half or more or less than that depending on how close in relation to “No-Moon day (Amavasya).”

    However in the event that Rahu is associated with Mars, Saturn, or Herschell (Uranus) The persona would be deceitful in issues pertaining to the administration of charitable, religious or social organizations and the person or woman would be constantly trying to gain more power and influence within the non-governmental organization (s). Also, in other areas the person or woman is not afraid to infringe on the rights and property of other people. The property of siblings, brothers and even cousins could be confiscated.

    If the ninth house is owned by Mars, Saturn, or Sun or Saturn, and the Lord of that house is located in the 3rd, 4th, 6th or eighth or 12th house, the individual will be ruled by egocentric motives and recklessness to fulfill those desires. The person will no longer be able to distinguish between who to harm and who to help. One would not have any hesitation about pirating social, literary, charitable or non-secular works as well as the other works as well as fellow workers as well as subordinates, colleagues and friends as well.


     As per astrologer Raj Guru The person who is a victim would encourage the habit of backbiting others, and slander people who are honest to the woman or man (which could be referred to as respectfulness) And the person could be averse in hurting or harming those who have done the right thing for the person. The individual’s self-centered rationale is in addition to everything else in the world.

    It must also be stated whether Rahu is in my own house in the 9th house or is associated with any gentle or difficult planet. The person suffers from an unspoken sense of worry and insecurity. They may fail to prove they’re worth it in second or third place or an event that requires chivalry, courage, courageousness, and courage.


    It’s also a top characteristic of these people that they love distant relatives and try to keep a distance from them or stay away from being involved in the lives of their actual siblings, brothers or cousins. They are prone to flattery and count on flattery that can not be expected from actual siblings, brothers or cousins.

    When Sun, Mars, or Saturn is associated with Rahu within the 9th house the person will try to take away proper possessions/assets/ money and wealth of siblings, brothers, cousins or even an aunt or uncle using unfair methods or potential that are not justified. This is commonplace when a person is in the ninth house of Rahu Mahadasa in conjunction with Antardasha of Sun, Mars or Saturn or vice versa, Mahadasha of Sun or Mars or Saturn with Antardasha of Rahu within.

    The people who have Rahu on the ninth planet, regardless of whether they are associated with other planets or not, are not trustworthy and reliable in matters of politics. They do not waste time changing the color of their clothes and even changing the birthday party they belong to. The top-quality examples can be identified through Indian political life in the 1950s in the beginning. In the event that Moon at the end of its waning cycle is located within twelve degrees Rahu of the ninth house they are not going to let their views be considered by Godfathers and patrons, trusted followers, and financiers if they switch colors or affiliation. If Saturn lies within 15 degrees from Rahu within the 9th house, the individual will be a righteous member of his colleagues, friends and associates for the political party of his choice.

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