Rahu Sun Conjunction In Astrology

Rahu Sun Conjunction In Astrology

Rahu gets a Conjunction with the relatively faster moving planet Sun at least once per year, for a whole month. This means that not many people on the planet are at all uncommon. Rahu is the star that is the one who eclipses Sun. This means that this combination isn’t all that positive for everyone in the Horoscope. Rahu is a mysterious, unpredictable planet that can’t play in a straight line, and when it is in conjunction with the Sun it’s likely to display illicit behavior with authority.

Rahu : Deceptive, selfish, risk taker, taboo breaker, cunning, rebellious, manipulative, reflective, ambitious, hungry, amplifier etc.

Sun: Authority, power Status, ego, dignity, dignity, government, father brilliance, king Royal Status, political career, bureaucracy and Administration etc.

Since Rahu increases the significance of the planets it is positioned by, the Rahu Sun’s conjunction gives an enthralling, confident persona. But it is important to keep in mind that Rahu does not reflect the truth. Therefore, the person will display fake confidence and power however, in the heart of him is battling fear, which Rahu is able to cover up well.

A person with Rahu & Sun conjunction in the horoscope is likely to talk extremely high and their expression will be dramatic in order to hide their fear and insecurity.

Rahu is selfish, and when combined with Sun can give the appearance of being self-centered who is always giving the most importance to themselves and will overestimate self-worth and placing egoism on others.

Because Rahu has a reflective aspect, when it comes to Sun it will begin to act as Sun so wherever Rahu Sun conjunction takes place, it’ll act as a two Sun in that specific house and sign. Thus, the outcome will be based on the rule of the Sun whether it’s beneficial or malefic for the Horoscope.

If Rahu starts to act like the double Sun on a Horoscope the person will begin to show the appearance of bravery and extravagance.

Rahu Sun’s combination in Libra will render a person cruel, lazy. They require continuous motivation to succeed through life.

If Rahu Sun and Rahu appear in a horoscope the individual gets a desire for power, does not hesitate to use power and authority to attain their ultimate goals.

Sun With Rahu has a false self-confidence, his character is not evolving. This can lead to the impression of being a rebel, particularly with the authorities of the Govt, work and, of course, father.

In some instances, someone who is a Rahu Sun concordance becomes too unreasonable about their needs and attitude. They can also be rebellious.

When Sun, the planet of centre stage becomes a position by Rahu the person will be looking for a center stage role. He will be prepared to risk everything to be recognized for the good deeds he has done.

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