Sun in 10th House

    Sun in 10th House

    This is among the most favorable positions for Sun on the birth chart. Sun is known as the King (Raja) of the planets. The 10th House is Rajya Bhava (career career, calling, profession and more.) is controlled by Sun (and as well by Mars to some extent).

    What is the way the Sun characterizes your relationship with your Father if it is located within the Tenth House?

    As per astrologer Raj Guru It is believed that the 10th House concerns the father and, if Sun is present it will benefit those who are the fathers of this person. The father is disciplined and strict but also a lover of these people. Sometimes, the father is in the service of the government or takes an active role in the political arena. In any case the father will have less time to devote to the person’s education, and must make up for it by hiring numerous household servants or private teachers. The father is able to serve the child exceptionally well when he is in retirement or other type of impairment of the father. Even in adulthood there is an inner anxiety about his father because of the strict discipline of the father during the child’s life.

    Fathers aren’t often involved in the marriage life of the person. But, the father is seldom a fan of any relationship between the children that are younger than 18 years of age. In the event there is a situation like this, he attempts to stop it through all indirect and directly based methods.

    In this regard, keep in mind the planets of each person. The planets of the child or vice versa are not a significant impact on the life of another regardless of the relation between them. Children can enjoy an influence of up to 15% on the father’s planets; however, the father is only able to have five to 10% of an influence on his child’s destiny and luck, regardless of whether the father is father to one or more children.

    How Does the 10th House Pave the Way for Your Earnings and Income?

    The 10th House mostly rules the issue of the main source of income and earnings. This is why the issue must be considered from a wide view, with special attention towards the Rashi of the 10th house, as well as its Lord’s position on the birth chart as well as a thorough analysis of Navamsa chart, which is applicable to the instances of both male and female individuals. Astrologers from the past have given significance to the lord in the 10th House in the 10th House of the chart of birth (which is the Lord of the 7th House) and its location within the Navamsa chart for males and females. The Sapta-Varga force of these two lords of the 7th and 10th houses of the birth chart and their relation to the 10th House in the birth chart must be investigated.

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