Sun in 11th  House

    Sun in 11th House

    It is the 11th House is mostly concerned with earning, income and the actual production of cash and the disposition of one’s mental self to the future generation. In later years, with a love, fiancee or spouse of a son or daughter.

    Other issues that concern those in the 11th House are loss or gains from siblings or children who are not legitimate and the left lower ribs, left breast, left arm or the left part of the chest.

    How does the Sun in the 11th House Affect you?

    The Sun is an extremely powerful planet. When it is in conjunction with another planet it absorbs the positive energy of the particular planet. In this article, I will discuss how the Sun in the 11th house effects when it is in conjunction with the other planets in our solar system, it would be fascinating to learn this through a live demonstration.

    Government employees and politicians and officers as well as staff of the semi-government or public sector receive a mix of unfair and fair income in the form of cash or other. Even if a person working for the government is honest and honest, corrupt individuals can cause him to be dishonest and seek favors.

    An Instance Below Will Make This Point Clearer

    Tax Commissioner, the commissioner of income Tax was well-known for his honesty and sincerity. A very wealthy assessor sought for a favor from the Commissioner. It was an absurd and unjustified demand in his tax assessment. In the event that an Income Tax Official was away for a week due to his job, this businessman visited his home and refused to reveal his identity to the wife of the officer and inquired regarding his arrival back to town. The businessman realized that although he was at the Commissioner’s house, there was no refrigerator (refrigerator) in his residence. The businessman then sent refrigerators to the Commissioner’s house without divulging the identity of the person the person who delivered it. The fridge was put at the residence of the officer. His wife sought out the installers , but was unable to identify the person who had brought the fridge. The answer was simple “the boss has ordered it.”

    When the tour was over the officer was unable to trace the person who sent it. The officer was unable to take action as it was impossible to even place it outside of his House since the recipient was unknown to return the item. After six months after the appeal of the businessman was due to be heard He casually asked the Commissioner if the refrigerator was operating properly. This is how the Commissioner was able to identify the source of the supply. Following six months of being used, the fridge was no longer appropriate to return a used refrigerator. The businessman had figured out the plan and sent a cross-check to the businessman. This cheque the businessman didn’t ever cashed. The appeal of the businessman was granted as the officer who was innocent sought and received himself transferred to a different province.

    What can the Sun impact Government employees as well as the rest of us?

    Be aware that this is not just a government employee, however individuals in India are well-known for dropping explicit and indirect hints to get satisfaction, such as jewelry for a son or daughter’s wedding, requesting precious-stone rings and free air travel for travel or to visit relatives, etc. Some examples from personal experience and opinions are a lot of officers working in public dealing departments including Police and Income-tax Central-Excise, Customs, Sales-tax, Telecommunications, Public Works, Law. Courts, irrigation directly demand the payment of bribes in cash, and then freely negotiate the amount of bribe. Some of them are directly with agents, while others have family members or agents and conduits.

    and many corrupt officers and staff members have agents and connections to invest the illegal cash in secret.

    An official from the Public Works Department (PWD) could get loans from his personal Provident Fund at the office in order to prove that he was honest and trustworthy and needed money to pay for day-to-day expenses. The hidden truth was that he was operating a company in the jointly owned names of family members, and was investing the money taken from the Provident fund into the business.

    What can the Sun impact your health?

    The Sun generally isn’t a planet that is harmful to general health, or to any part or limb of the body, unless connected with an injurious planet. Sun can cause fever (sometimes high fever when it is placed unfavorably in the chart for the year) , easy to treat skin disease, or manageable changes in the blood system. The Sun typically does not link with menstrual cycles, unless it is associated with Mars, Venus or Saturn or Rahu.

    What’s the most uncertain thing regarding the Sun?

    One thing can be more or less certain concerning the Sun. It isn’t tolerant of any kind of love affair or casual bonding between the child and any person of the other sexe regardless of whether it’s in community, at school or college or with an equally aged child belonging to a family. Once the child has reached the age of marriage, the person (father or mom) who has Sun in the 11th House would be willing to look at the matter objectively as the marriage-related love affair of the child, based in terms of merits and disadvantages. The biggest issue with this is that the individual could consider a significant or unjustified importance to his family and his status in comparison to the status of his spouse or lover. But, Sun is an easy for a child to convince him of his demands or the spouse of the child or any other senior person in the family or outsider who is a friend of the person. So, when there is a conflict it is always recommended that the kid utilize these strategies.

    What do the Sun influence you in the 11th House?

    As per astrologer Raj Guru  A person whose Sun is in the 11th House is very concerned with a profound self-esteem. If, after marriage, one discovers that their son-in-law or daughter-in-law is in the mood for an argument or challenge and the individual (if it is a male) is likely to take a step back away from the issue. If the person was female then she would initially engage in an argument in accordance with her view, after which she would attempt to convince the person who is opposite her to leave the situation , or even from the entire family.

    The people who have Sun at the eleventh” House would temper rather quickly, but they often put aside their anger, and use on words before settling for silence. When they’re angry they yell and regret their actions and frequently attempt an agreement and a fresh perspective.

    How does the Sun describe the Progeny?

    There is a widespread belief that Sun is only a male child or at the very least one male child first of all, but this is not proven to be the truth. Sun is able to produce progeny from both genders, and of any gender in the beginning. The second reason is that having children or having a sex based on the planets of spouses as well since no single person can have a child, regardless of advancements in technology of today’s world.

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