Sun in  9th house

    Sun in 9th house

    This article will discuss the impact on the Sun in the 9th House according to the the North Indian Astrology. Based on South Indian and Western Astro this is completely different. In both, the Sun located in the ninth house of a the native decides all things related to the father but this isn’t true. The 9th house is the property of Father and the Sun can be described as the Karak. This is why the relationship of the Native to his father and inheritance issues, as well as the health of the Father are affected by this. Learn more in regards what your birth chart tells you about parent-child relationships on the link below. The ominous Sun in this position can cause serious harm in way of loss to fatheras well as his worldly possessions. It also affects the overall relationship between natives with their grandparents and other relatives most of which are paternal. An opportunity for illicit relations within the family could be identified in cases where the family member could be involved without knowing it. Also, loss of the comforts and luxuries inherited from ancestors, as well as loss of paternal estate are a few of the most frequently cited issues.

    Influences the Sun in the 9th house affects your Professional Life

     As per astrologer Raj Guru The Sun of the 9th House is neutral, except for people employed by government agencies, those who are active in politics, or those in charge of the management of religious or social institutions. Natives are also known to interfere with the work of colleagues , thus creating problems. The combination of other planets together with Sun in the 9th house decides the direction of your professional life in this case. Partnerships are known to suffer negative consequences because of this Sun located in the 9th House. The tendency of distrust, the inclination of partners to engage in criminal activity or groupism when there are more participants are a few of the typical consequences that can result in the end of a lucrative partnership. The situation could make the person who is native (also partner) be a victim of severe losses. For more information as the way your birth chart reveals business partnerships on the hyperlink below.

    People with Sun in the 9th house are inclined to spirituality. The fact that they are spiritually inclined generally helps them to get an ideal position within the world of spirituality and religion, or even law. In the event that the solar system Mars has a significant impact on the Sun and the Sun is in 9th house, then they could be referees in sports. The people born who have the Sun in the 9th house may are also able to make a career as a translator, diplomat or even as writer.

    Positive effect from the Sun in the 9th house.

    It is interesting to note that a single Sun in the 9th house can bring good luck to government employees and those who work in the fields of social work, politics as well. But, a single Sun will not bring prosperity and it is also dependent on the most effective use of available resources and opportunities.

    Other characteristics of the Native

    If there is a dispute over the ancestral property share the person born under Sun in the 9th house must be cautious since his or her paternal family members could be attempting to deceive him by offering him a smaller portion when it comes to the distribution of property. But with the help of the government’s favorable cooperation employees and a smart plan and a smart strategy, they can not only earn their share but also gain something out from the shares of others. People born under their Sun who are in the 9th House aren’t particularly generous in the area of donations or charity. They are extremely adept in sabotaging the situation. They are extremely unprofessional, but when they are taking credit, they make a spectacular performance of their good deeds.

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