Venus in 3rd  House
    Venus in 3rd House

    Venus in 3rd House

    If you are born with Venus at the top of the house, the 3rd, it could be a common inclination for people to seek out all the comforts, luxury items and trendy things, with the exception of performing any kind of work or significant amount of work and not requiring physical exertion. The person wants all comfort for the cost and effort of others, and will not hesitate to benefit from the company of siblings and brothers. Also, you will benefit from your spouse. The individual wishes to be healthy and receive the proper treatment of illnesses, either free or at the expense of other people. The individual is put on the level of protection when combat is taking place; however, they come forward to announce savings in exchange for courage and determination displayed by others. If the person is gorgeous and charming, authentic or not, or if they are a stunning person or otherwise, the individual wears elegant clothes to create an attractive, powerful impression on others, in order that they will be noticed by others and accept her/ his claim to have their work completed by other people.

    Impact Of Venus On The Third House On Your Life

    As per astrologer Raj Guru If someone is in the position to help his family members or other relatives, they should never miss the chance to assist morally, physically or financially; however the habit to express the duty simultaneously or in the result is very well. If the individual is skilled in the art of treatment (any method) usually, treatment of patients will be based on results however the doctor or even the Vaidya and/or the Hakim herself or himself will be ineffective in both working and updating their knowledge. People with this type of personality tend to rely on their senior years of life, even more on their grandchildren as well as their spouses instead of their children. They can be very helpful and patient in the direction of their grandchildren as well as their spouses. Western Astrology attaches a huge significance to Venus in the third house as it is believed that Venus influences the skill of living and which source of income.

    Based on following the Indian model, this function of Venus can affect the capacity and performance of the person. It could lead the individual towards trade in exports, imports, as well as dealing with foreigners. But, the possibility of earning loss is because of low demand for work. It is generally recommended for parents to provide their children with their income source when they are able to do it through education and the inclination of the children. Sometimes, this may not be feasible because of the business, profession or self-employment of parents or father and mother and the children may be separated by a chasm and have no possibility of linking and coordination. But, in contrast to this general tendency of being apathetic person, there are a few variations that are discussed below in the discussion of the conjuncture of Venus with various stars in the third house.

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