Astrology of Husband Wife Disputes

    Astrology of Husband Wife Disputes

    Husband and Wife Disputes Marital union brings two personalities in a single house. In spite of our love for each other and understanding, some mismatches may be inevitable. Let’s look at some of the major astrological signs.

    Within the twelve houses on the birth chart, life is centered around five major houses. One is born in the 4th house of the mother. Through the education houses including the 5th and 4th houses the direction of one’s life is established.

    Through the 6th House, physical actions are carried out in connection with professions. Then is the union with one’s love partner in the 7th house, and then ends in the death house, which is. that of the eighth house.

    The house that is the main one for marriage and the spouse of one are in the seventh house. If the house is under the negative influence of Rahu and one’s spouse might give advice that is not right and make a straightforward issue into a dispute.

    The 7th House is the one that Rahu has his fifth aspect over the home of wealth, viz. the fifth house. The native’s income and gains are diverted by the spouse or suspicion is raised that one’s spouse is stealing the money.

    If, in the chart Rahu is located in the 7th house, Ketu is on the ascendant. The presence of Ketu within the ascendant can cause an empty mind in the native.

    This location in the relationship between Rahu and Ketu creates a variety of doubts and confusions in relation to the spouse and marriage.

    The 11th house also symbolizes Rahu’s circle of friends and his aspect from the 7th house creates distrust in spouses because of the actions of family members or the older siblings.

    If planet Mercury is also associated with Rahu the possibility of doubts is created because of communications or methods of communication, such as an internet connection or mobile phone. A native may be unsure of wife’s phone calls with a man. This could lead to severe disputes and ruin the delicate bond of marriage life.

    In these situations, it is suggested that one seeks remedies for the cure of the illness that are causing Rahu as well as Ketu. In this case, a few general guidelines like these are a good first aid plan:

    * Do not eat long-held food items and eat only fresh food items.

    Do not seek advice from every person, instead utilize your discretion for all marriage-related issues.

    * Contact a raj expert astrologer, and then use the methods suggested.

    Avoid drinking intoxicants.

    * Do not build the underground tank for water in a direction of south-west.

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