Benefits of wearing silver according to Astrology

    Benefits of wearing silver according to Astrology

    Benefits of wearing silver according to astrology

    Humans have sought the healing properties of minerals and gemstones since the dawn of humankind. A quick Google search to find the health benefits of gold, silver along with other valuable metals, will give you an array of results. It’s not hard to find jewelry with magical properties, that range from simple mood rings or amulets designed to defend against particular dangers.

    Silver is connected to Venus as well as the Moon According to astrology, Silver is a signification of prosperity as it is believed to have originated by Lord Shiva’s eye. Therefore, anyone who wearing silver is prosperous. It is possible to wear silver jewelry in many different ways. It is accompanied by an earring, a chain as well as a ring to the foot.

    There are many tried and tested benefits of wearing a Silver Ring, some are like:

    • If a person has the Silver Ring, they are always protected by the moon’s powerful healing power.
    • It brings peace and calm into your life, along with an optimistic and joyful state of mind.
    • Silver helps people to focus and concentration.
    • It gives you mental clarity that can be beneficial when taking important life-changing decisions.
    • Silver can bring money and eases financial problems in the world by increasing Venus’s positive qualities.
    • It imparts a charming appearance to a person and has a soothing effect on people’s minds in the course of a conversation.
    • The Opal Silver Ring aids with the acquisition of a gorgeous home in the world.
    • A pendant or ring of silver protects the wearer from harmful forces that can harm them and keeps against spells of black magic that are harmful.
    • It offers opportunities to advance in your career and helps put an individual’s professional life on the fast path to success.
    • A Silver Ring or Pendant can aid a person to remain calm and calm in stressful circumstances.
    • It grants the individual an extensive knowledge.
    • It helps ensure safe and productive travel.
    • A silver ring is a source of wealth-promoting energy, and is particularly beneficial to business-minded people.
    • This also allows employees to accelerate their careers, which allows them to rise up the corporate ladder faster.

    Silver is connected to the Planets Moon as well as Venus as per Vedic Astrology. We all know that in Vedic Astrology the Moon symbolizes our mind, and Venus symbolizes the luxury we experience in our lives and other aspects.

    This is why Silver’s significance increases exponentially since it is a tool to bring the energies of the two planets to our lives. A silver ring on the index finger in accordance with the astrological calendar is an ancient ritual that is followed by a lot of people all across the globe.

    In Vedic Astrology However there isn’t a specific rule of thumb that defines the finger that every person is able to wear the Silver Ring. Only after an astrologer has studied the entire planetary position in the horoscope of a person’s birth and, in particular, the position for both the Moon and Venus is they determine which finger to put on that Silver Ring on.

    1. Silver is a potent antibacterial agent that assists to treat infections. It also aids in prevention of flu and colds as well as other healing processes.
    2. A silver ring can increase an individual’s appeal. It also helps reduce the appearance of pimples and black spots on the body and face.
    3. If someone is angry and aggressive, rings made of silver can help in calming and soothing the mind of the individual. The anger of the person begins to diminish too.
    4. Mental capacity starts to grow as it assists to develop the intellect and sharpening the brain.
    5. Silver rings can do wonders and can be particularly beneficial in medical conditions like cough, joint pain and arthritis.
    6. A silver chain could be a good choice for a necklace around the neck for an alternative. It can also assist in the treatment of stammering.
    7. When silver comes in contact with contaminants the metal reacts and changes color. This is why, as the sodium content in the body increases the color of an earring or chain of silver alters.
    8. Many medical devices and equipment are made of silver due to its health benefits.

    Overall, a ring of silver is not just a beautiful addition to the body and mind but also assists to treat various ailments.

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