Can I Get A Government Job according to my Horoscope?

    Can I Get A Government Job according to my Horoscope?

    ​​Vedic Astrology gives you a few suitable combinations to determine if you’ll get a Government job or take up the ranks of a private company. Do I have the chance to get a Government job as per my horoscope? Will I be able to pass the competitive examinations? Actually these are the most frequently-asked questions that I’ve encountered. First, let’s decode the word Government Job.

    Astrological Points for Govt. Jobs

    • It is believed that the Lagna, Lagna lord, and the planets in this chart symbolize the image of an individual, the Rajyogas that are formed in the 1st house are crucial. The strength of the 1st house will determine what kind of position the person can achieve in their life.
    • Govt. jobs are paid through taxes. The 4th house is the home of the masses and countrymen. Look at the 2nd house from the 4th house, which is the 5th house. These are the wealth and savings that belong to the mass of people. The 5th is considered to be the home of the public’s money.
    • The 5th house and the 5th Lord should be extremely strong in the chart of a horoscope. It must be connected (PAC) to that of the 10th house or 10th Lord. This combo gives you a high rank in a government. job.
    • Sun ought to be well situated due to Sun being the Karaka of the Govt. Sun can offer high-paying and reputable jobs. Furthermore, the Sun decides the purpose of your soul. And when you follow your heart and follow it, it will lead you toward perfection.
    • Examine the Dasha period to determine life’s pattern. If you get 5th lord, 10th lord, 5th lord, or you have an Dasha that is associated with the Sun or Moon, this is an indication of good luck.
    • Find out the position for the positions of Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon since this will reveal the level of intelligence which is crucial at the time of the selection.
    • Find the exact place of Saturn because it is the primary Karaka of the 10th house.
    • The 6th house is vital because it is the home of struggle and services. The positions that are related to Defence or Police need 6th house involvement. This could be less prominent, however, respect and security of employment are guaranteed.
    • Then check the location of the 5th lord as well as the 10th lord within D-9 If you find that the planet’s position appears to be Combust or retrograde, then it is weak.
    • Find the location of The fourth house, fourth lord and Moon on the D-tenth. If you discover the right combination, the likelihood of getting a government. jobs are extremely high.
    • Check all of the combinations above within D-1, D-9 and D-10 Then, look at Dasha If there is an occurrence of the same combinations on all the charts, the chance of obtaining the Govt. The job is very high.
    • Dasha associated with those of the fifth house is most beneficial when entering the military. [PACIn D-1, D-9 should also be taken into consideration.
    • The power of the house 10th as well as 10th Lord will determine the most prominent job.
    • Different departments, like IAS, IRS, require different homes for successful completion. If you’re in IRS then look at the combination of the 2nd as well as 10th, the 2nd house and 6th house.
    • The strength of the natural fifth house Leo is also vital.

    Government Rankings and Your Horoscope

    The Indian government, also known as the state government, divides public employees into different group classifications.

    Level-1 Govt. Job

    Level 1: Those who are appointed to this group are officials of the most prestigious jobs. They are appointed by the supervision from the presidency of India.

    For instance, Commissioned officers from those in the IAF (Indian Armed Forces)Central India Civil Service (IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IRTS) In this job, the pay scale is extremely high with numerous perks and most importantly, respect, pride and security of job are in place. All these positions are like the ones that every person who is aspiring to a government position will want to be able to do.

    In order to get into the Level-1 office, one requires all of the above combinations.

    The location in the chart of Sun,Leo sign, the 5th house and the 10th house relations, the 10th house planets, and running Dasha as of the date they joined, plus the same combination should be very strong for D9 as well as D10 chart.

    Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Moon are extremely powerful or Kendra and Trikona, creating a practice of raj yoga. The level of intelligence, the ability to make decisions, strength, self-esteem, and a well-balanced mind. These are the primary abilities required for the position. This employee group is more than a King, therefore it is imperative that raj yoga be a part of the process.

    Level-2 Govt. Job

    Level Level – ( Gazetted/Non gazetted)The Gazetted officers are in an administrative function. The employees working for Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) and National Banks fall under the category, along with the office manager, inspectors of state office officers along with state police officers. In the case of National Banks employees and Administrative jobs require solid Mercury, Moon, Sun and strong 4th house and 2nd house.

    Non-gazetted: The main distinction between gazetted and non-gazetted staff of of the federal government lies in the fact that gazetted employees are able to authorize the issue for official stamps, whereas they cannot. As they aren’t legally authorized to issue stamps they are not authorized to issue stamps. Sun may be at a disadvantage or infected with these charts.

    Remember to always remember the powerful Sun and Leo Sign, and the 5th house lord or planets that are posited in the case of Rajyoga or extremely robust in all charts, the person is likely to be promoted as well as recognition and fame.

    Level-3 Govt. Job

    Level 3, they are public employees who are employed in various supervisory and non-supervisory positions. Examples include Section Heads Tax assistants, Head Clerks and Typists telephone operators, and people who are in similar positions within the Armed Forces.

    In this case, the position that is played by Saturn and The 6th House plays an important part. In this particular section, you will be able to take competitive exams , however these exams are much easier than the level 1 exams.

    In this manner, I’ve provided the different combinations that are required to look for in a Government job at three different levels. It is recommended to verify the Dasha period when you write the test, and, even if there’s less rajyoga, it is also I believe in the power of intelligence, determination, hard work and determination are the qualities that can help a person achieve his goals and desires.

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