Jupiter in 1st House

    Jupiter in 1st House

    Jupiter’s 1st-house residence gives individuals maturity in thought and action. It also helps them to experience a more fulfilling lifestyle. Jupiter, as it was stated earlier, makes an individual efficient and good-natured. A native will also be a parliamentarian, a politician, or a high-ranking minister in the cabinet. They can also serve as an adviser to a ruler, king, or Emperor. In ancient times it was believed that the person appointed as a minister, adviser or any other position in the court or darbar was required to be a native. The Emperor, ruler, and king used to have the position of Jupiter checked in the Birth-chart.

    Jupiter’s presence in the 1st place has a significant impact on the career of an individual

    As per astrologer Raj Guru Jupiter is the 1st house and an individual who has it will be a great treasurer, banker and cashier, lawyer and law-maker, judge and jurist, advocate and solicitor, economist, teacher or professor in economics and statistics, accounts, law and business management and other subjects that have been mentioned.

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