This location of Ketu is a source of mist that separates the father and the native, and in most cases, there’s less popular communication between both the father and the native. It is true that they can be mutually beneficial in occasions of need but in terms of financial aid is usually insignificant.

    Effects of Ketu in the Tenth House

    As per astrologer Raj Guru The person who lives there is afflicted with discomfort and discomfort from the vehicle or animal that is used for transport, and as the result, time tables or appointments, engagement , or getting on a train or airplane can become a distraction. When in urgent or crucial need, people need to have a second back-up plan for transport. The issue could become more severe in the event that Saturn is transiting through the 1st house (which occurs after every 28-year cycle). In the event that Saturn occurs in the 12th and Ketu is in the tenth place in the tenth house, during either Saturn’s Mahadasha or sub-durations under the one’s Mahadasa these residents will also stay away from long travel.

    Natives who have Ketu on their own in the 10th house have a very low chance of achieving their goals in politics. They tend to be one step behind the rest who are supporting others as well. If Mars or Saturn is located in the 7th or 12th house In the course of time, they might often be merely a source of information for their political patrons. But, they have higher success and receive full credit for their efforts in the charitable or social sector, regardless of whether they are merely active financiers or employees or both. They are rewarded with their rightful recognition and fame.

    For business-related matters It is advised for natives to have Godfathers as well as a very reliable and trustworthy manager or second-in-command who can assist with business transactions and also act as a brake while natives fret about any lapses in the decisions and transactions.

    When employed by others, such as local authorities, or local organizations, or municipal frame and semi-government entities like public zone enterprises, natives who are committed, reliable, honest and competent are assigned to duties and tasks.

    Natives are great in teaching, however, they are they are no longer effective in managing a class. Additionally, they often want to see a high-pass show at the “beck and call”. Furthermore they do not have great success in the stock market or shares and stocks, neither as brokers or as investors.

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