Ketu, also known as The South Node of the Moon, is a star without a head. From an astronomical point of view, it’s a kind of shadow planet, and is difficult to see with the naked eye. It’s simply a signification of the cosmic order. According to Astrology the planet is considered to be a negative planet, however its negative effects aren’t as harmful as Rahu. While it can bring about a lot of mishaps and misfortunes in the lives of the people who live there and lives, it also is the cause of liberation and it is the Karak of Moksha according to the astrological system. From an astrological point an astrological perspective, people who live in Ketu of the primary house generally have a strange personality. This makes it difficult for the average person to get their heads around them.

    What Does Ketu from the First House Affect its Natives?

    • In the astrology world, Ketu is regarded as both evil as well as beneficial. If it is beneficial for this specific house then the inhabitants will be content, prosperous, and hardworking. However, they will be unhappy because of their children. They might be reluctant to travel or transfer.
    • When Ketu is in transit through the first House of Varsha Kundli, the son’s birth is ascribed. The person born in the first house can travel long distances. The ones with Ketu as their first residence will be fortunate and beneficial to the Guru or his father.
    • However If Ketu has a negative character, natives are often suffering from headaches. In addition, his wife is likely to be suffering from health problems and will worry about her children. If the seventh and second houses are not filled and the seventh house is empty, the result is that Venus and Mercury will have negative results. There will be travels and transfers without any gains. If Saturn is negative the planet will be destroyed. Guru and father.
    • If the Sun is located within the seventh or eighth house the health of the native will be affected after the birth of his grandson. This is why the native shouldn’t give alms during the morning or the evening.

    Positive Impact

    • As per astrologer Raj Guru The personality of the native becomes captivating and is above the perception of normal people. Many people are attracted to them. If the person is unable to express his thoughts in a straightforward manner He should speak with more significance. He might be outdoorsy and is willing to travel often. He could even be an adventurer. He could be content by exploring and touring different countries, cities, states, and states.
    • Rahu planet is involved in spirituality, experience of the afterlife, the idea of karma and rebirth and abstinence. In the field of astrology, it has been proven that Ketu acts as the taker while Rahu acts as the giving. Rahu can lead a person to negative behavior, and Ketu will make him realize that he’s in the wrong place and should adopt the ethical and moral manner. Thus, the harm done by Rahu is reversible by Ketu.

    Negative Impact

    • Adventures and exploration are great things. However, the person who is exploring must be cautious with his business. If he does get into something negative situation, his character could worsen. He could be self-centered and greedy. He should be sure not to fall into the trap of moral delinquency, or his life may be a mess of problems.
    • In the event that the Ketu is suffering from a serious illness this can affect the health of the person and diminish his endurance. If this happens the condition of the native could be deteriorating significantly. The person who is born in Ketu in the 1st house might not have self-confidence and courage in accordance with the effects of Ketu in the 1st house.
    • In addition, those born who have Ketu as their first residence are weak in their body and have a weak willpower. They may not be able to deal with the pressures and difficulties of life. They are also prone to giving into pressure and stress.
    • Ketu is also able to improve the psychic abilities of natives. The planet provides them with the ability to sense their discernment and also extends their lives. It could also lead to marital strife within their lives. In addition, they are smug, deceitful, ungrateful, and deceitful according to the oldest texts from India.
    • Furthermore, the people from Ketu who reside in the house of first can’t distinguish between good and negative things. Therefore, they are unable to make the right decisions that could affect their lives and their functioning. They might be inclined to commit morality if they are unable to rule in accordance with their animal characteristics.

    Results of Ketu in the First House

    • The people who have Ketu within the house of the first Horoscope can’t distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. This can be evident in their actions and personality.
    • Based on Vedic texts, those born with Ketu in Lagna tend to be sluggish and ungrateful. They are also scared of sexual intimacy and dismissed from their jobs If no positive influence is detected on the house of the 1st or the Ascendant.
    • Ketu Planet in the navamsa chart is not considered to be useful. Natives will be disturbed and agitated by their relatives.

    Alternatives specifically for Natives with Ketu in the First House

    Natives may benefit from the effects of Ketu during Antardasha, Mahadasha, or any negative transit in the Horoscope. Three solutions are helpful:

    1. The natives must provide jaggery to monkeys.

    2. Then, they can apply saffron to form a “tilak” to their foreheads.

    3. If their children suffer from trouble and in need of help, they can donate the blanket in white and black at the temple.

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