Ketu is also known for being the South Node of the Moon is a dark planet that is located in a diagonal relationship in relation to Rahu. Being an un-headless, smokey and half-bodied planet, it has been known as”the planet of separation spirituality, illusion asceticism, and a host of other things. Ketu is a mysterious planet, and there’s no assurance of its existence, actions and tendencies, as well as thoughts and even its activities. It is difficult to understand or know what is going on within Ketu. It is also among the most under researched planets in the field of astrology. The majority of the events that occur without being noticed to people of ordinary ages are depicted in this planet. Ketu is known for bringing forth the most effective informers and spies. The mysterious agents or officers, including experts in covert operations as well as undercover agents and intelligence officers are believed to have a significant influence from Ketu in their birth charts.

    Effects of Ketu in the Twelfth House

    The negative effects from Ketu in the twelfth house comprise the following:

    • Nightmares Natives who are affected by Ketu within the 12th house might have nightmares from time to time. In the end, they tend to be naive and scared all the time. Because Ketu is a spooky planet, the inhabitants are depressed and turn into addicts to drugs.
    • sexuality that is suppressed:The indigenous people are raised in such settings in which they are criticized for their intense emotions and sexuality. In the end, they feel uncomfortable when they express their sexuality or feel ashamed regarding their sexual needs and desires.
    • Eye trouble Eye Trouble: Natives are most at risk of developing eye issues at a young age. If you have Sun or Mas in conjunction with Ketu in the 12th house, there will be less eye issues. However, natives shouldn’t feel down about the eye issues that they face in today’s digital age. The use of spectacles can help combat their eye issues.
    • Some female-related problems These young women who are pregnant often experience irritation in their stomach areas. This issue can get worse when Saturn is associated in conjunction with Ketu at the time of the twelfth. If Mars is connected to Ketu at the time of the twelfth home this could lead to menstrual issues for women. Ketu within the 12th place is also known for escalating the tensions and jealousies between sisters and brothers within families.
    • fear of death: Natives could be afraid of death. In the end, they feel apprehensive about mortality and life. They continue to wrestle over thoughts about suicide and dying. They are compelled in their lives to dig deep into the deepest parts of their brains and can lead to depression-like episodes.

    Some Other Facets of Ketu in the Twelfth House

    • As per astrologer Raj Guru  Salvation: Besides the negative impacts, Ketu in the twelfth house brings salvation to its inhabitants since this planet symbolizes a separation from the world materialism or pleasures. It is also known as Moksha-Karaka or the force that makes natives strive for salvation. It continues to remind its people of the significance and importance of spirituality and wisdom through diverse experiences.
    • Karmic mission: Ketu in the twelfth house can also provide insight into what is known as the Karmic mission. In the process, people who live there become extremely knowledgeable and understand the fact that their lives are a continuous cycle. They are able to overcome the darkness and gain enlightenment in their lives.
    • The Healing power grants the people of the indigenous culture the ability to reach into the depths of their own healing to a degree. By using this skill that they have, they are able to explore their shadows, and use the information they discover to help themselves. This will become a tool which can help create powerful pathways to their awakening. It is imperative to act in a way which will benefit other people and also themselves. Therefore, the planet has an immense reservoir of strength, capacity as well as regenerative capabilities as well as healing capacity.
    • Hidden life: The people of the area have a heightened awareness of the secrets of others. They might be attracted to jobs that require looking beneath the surface. This includes police officers, detective agents, psychologists, researchers, and so on. Their ability to investigate and their clear-sightedness help them solve mysteries effortlessly. They have a lot of success in investigative research and mental health nursing, forensics and healing psychological issues, criminal psychology or any other field that permits them to explore deeper aspects.

    Remedies for Malefic Effects of Ketu in the 12th House

    Natives need not be afraid of Ketu’s negative effects. They can get rid of or lessen these effects with the following methods:

    • Worship Lord Ganesha.
    • Make a positive impression by adopting a character.
    • Always ensure that your dog is with them.
    • Before bed, place Khand and Saunf under the mattress.

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