The concept of Astrology, Ketu is considered as an invisible planet. it represents various aspects of the lives of people who live there–seclusion and solitude, introversion and more. Ketu is headless and, therefore, unlike the other stars, Ketu exerts its influences in different ways. According to this, the word “dark” refers to light. It reveals the things that a native has experienced in his life. Therefore, he will not be awed by these things later on in his life. It gives an attitude of non-attachment and spirituality to desires and ambitions of the world. It’s also thought of as an unfinished planet that provides the person with psychic powers.

    Ketu in 2nd House Positive Traits

    • The people with Ketu located in their 2nd House of birth charts are more mature in their speech. With an excellent command of their native languages, they are highly expressive and expressive. They are also proficient in different languages. Ketu’s effects on the 2nd house can make natives apathetic to the lifestyle of materialism.
    • The natives with Ketu within the second house might enjoy collecting different books and magazines. They love to read a few of them, and then take a look at others. They have a knack for writing or literature as well as accounting.

    Ketu in 2nd House Negative Traits

    • People who are born with Ketu in the 2nd house may be affected by a variety of speech disorders, including struggling with speech and learning. Therefore, they rely on other people for assistance.
    • The negative effects of a terrifying planet can aggravate eye problems and raise costs. Natives might lack polite manners, politeness, and courtesy. The planet is also a sign of separation. If Ketu is in the 2nd house the natives might have a broken connection with their family members including their spouse as per the relationship scenario that Ketu has created due to his involvement in the house of the 2nd.
    • The people who lived in Ketu in the second century may not be able to maintain a positive relationship with their relatives. They might also lose money because of government policies. However, they should not be anxious about the negative consequences. They can get rid of the effects with treatments.
    • The negative consequences caused by Ketu within the house of second can also make natives forget about the use of words and sentences when expressing their opinions. They might leave sentences that are not complete and then start over and turn into excellent orators, even when they speak about difficult and innovative ideas.
    • The natives can be arrogant and proud. They could also exhibit self-confidence and arrogance. This can lead to tensions between them and their families and cause them to be unhappy. Additionally, the indigenous people may be blamed for their behavior with the officials of the government and this could land them in a tense situation.
    • The last but not least is that Ketu’s presence within the 2nd house could cause strokes and heart attacks. Additionally, it makes natives emotionally unstable and anxious.

    Career and Professional Life

    If Ketu is in the second house of career, natives might quit their studies and begin earning money early. They might also go to other countries for their work and earn more money.

    Effects on the Male Kundali

    If Ketu is placed at the top of the chart, the house that is second to the chart of births for males in the native tribes this can cause a variety of issues, like stammering, speech impairment, and stammering problems, and so on. It can also cause them to become anxious and unstable. This is why they can become harsh and are misunderstood by others.

    Effects on Female Kundali

    • If Ketu is located on the 2nd house of chart of the natal charts of female natives it is possible that they will be unhappy in their financial and family issues. They will sell their possessions like properties or jewelry to pay off their obligations. Additionally, they are god-fearing people who do not indulge in morally wrong activities.
    • They may decide to sell their belongings such as jewelry or property to pay their obligations. They are god-fearing people who are averse to engaging in immoral activities.

    Effects on Marriage and Personal Life

    As per astrologer Raj Guru The people who are blessed with Ketu in their horoscope’s second house could not find the support or cooperation of the close family members. However, their in-laws and the spouse can assist them financially as well as emotionally.

    Remedies to Alleviate the Malefic Effects of Ketu

    The people of Ketu are not to be scared by the negative effects of Ketu. They can lessen its negative consequences by implementing the following suggestions:

    • It is recommended that they apply tilaks of Saffron to their foreheads.
    • Build a strong character through positive thinking.
    • Visit temples often.
    • Donate two-colored blanks for the poor or to the Bhairon temple on Wednesdays or Sundays. Mustard oil may be donated on a Saturday.
    • Lord Bhairon is also a god to be worshiped Lord Bhairon should also be worshiped if Ketu is causing trouble increasing.

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