The role that plays Ketu at home leads to numerous excursions during childhood (with family members or with just). The excursions are no longer comfortable or efficient and health problems like headache, fever, blood pressure fluctuations could be present for a long time during the exhausting trip, regardless of the way of travel. The typical native will worry frequently, while being away from home for long periods of days, weeks or even months. The worry is centered around matters that are domestic and mainly members of the family , along with the spouse. If Ketu is associated with Mars as well as Saturn within the seventh house of Saturn, this triggers an unending suspicion regarding the relationship between the couple, especially when tension is present in the relationship between husband and wife.

    Effects of Ketu in the 7th House

    In the event of an Aqueous Rasi (Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces) and Capricorn in the 7th house, the native has to be careful around water, whether it’s the pond, tank or swimming pool or river, sea or ocean; or, more accurately storage tanks for drinking water. The native should not be a risk with water, however, they must have the capacity and skill to swim.

    As per astrologer Raj Guru Another risky aspect of those who are prone to this is that they usually spend in a state of emotional compulsion and then regret the expense, particularly in the event that the money was intended for a spouse or family member. However, these people do not mind spending money on their friends, regardless of gender. Their anger and annoyance also remain under control, as they maintain relationships with strangers of both genders. However, it’s not always the same with your family or your own family.

    One school of thought is the belief that Ketu is more beneficial when in Scorpio. However, experience doesn’t confirm it. On the other hand, Ketu in Scorpio can bring some challenges from time to time or minor sexual disorders and issues with the female reproductive system.

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