sun in 12th house

    sun in 12th house

    The Sun is a combination of both hard and soft planets. It is considered to be the “king” of the planets. As a parent, it maintains discipline and order on the person and their love and care. In the 12th house the Sun is often regarded as a planet that is hard.

    What happens when the Sun influences private and public employees, business owners as well as politicians to a legal dragnet?

    If the person is an employee of the government or a private worker, or is the owner of a company or profession or industry, or participates in political activities, Sun would bring an inquiry against the individual. The inquiry could be related to the employer or employee of the person and would be brought at the door of the individual. In the event of a minor incident it is possible that the person will be interrogated or even arrested for a minor offense to the law or for a minor violation of the traffic signal. But it could happen only when Mars or Saturn are within the Sun’s vicinity on the 12th.

     As per astrologer Raj Guru The accused person may be taken before a tribunal in a variety of Sections just to add an important significance to the minor offense or to a law’s hollow imagination and clothing.

    Sometimes, the police will frame charges that are put on the person which makes it hard to help them get out of the mess. The legal system is imperfect in some nations in that the judge who is hearing the case will often exhibit an interest in the police’s version of events and ignore the personal account. Whatever the truthfulness and accuracy of the plea.

    An appropriate example for Better Understanding

    In one instance, it’s stated it is the case that within Middle-East countries, the residents are always considered to be honest and truthful, while the national of a different country is considered to be more responsible. In Iran two vehicles belonging to residents (Irani citizens) driving in completely different directions, smashed into one another. This was because one driver was driving on an unintentional side, and was also drinking. In the end one of the vehicles that was involved in the accident bounced in the air , and then crashed into a car that was parked in the parking lot. The car parked was owned by an Indian who was working in Iran as a delegate for government officials from the Iran Government. The impact of the car colliding with the parked vehicle was so great that the Indian’s 13 year old child who was in the car that was parked was crushed to death. In the end, police from the Iran Police booked the Indian for parking his vehicle to the opposite side of the parking lot. Although it was evident that the vehicle was correctly parked in the parking area, there was no action taken for the 2 Iranian citizens whose vehicles crashed. In the case of one, an Indian national was subsequently transferred to India. There were no courts of law or the police made any inquiry of the girl, who was 13 years old, who was killed in the car that was parked. The Indian was born with the Sun as well as Saturn within the 12th House. She was warned of governmental actions. It was a great time before departing to Iran.

    In India and in virtually all other countries, if police, or another agency of the government , such as customs, anti-narcotics, excise wants to harass someone, the officials themselves would place a small quantity of illegal alcohol, opium, or a small amount of illegal contraband inside the premises of the person. Then, a search is carried out on the premises and the suspect is arrested for a serious criminal offense or crime.

    Another unpleasant case is by sun’s position in the Sun in the Twelfth house.

    The person was in possession of contraband, and charged with a non-bailable offence when he was requested to take off his clothing to facilitate a better search. While one officer was searching the body of the suspect, another put a contraband package inside the clothes that were removed in a secret manner.

    Vandalism and political vendetta as well as suppression, illegal physical assaults or even murders are commonplace in couple of countries. In these countries, there is hardly any help or assistance for victims. There is no reason for government officials to exert any effort to implicate an individual in any kind of crime. Unfortunately, judges usually accept the tale that is told by the police.

    Therefore, one must always be on guard against any framing or overblown charge(s) during the time that the Sun is at the 12th degree.

    Numerous other issues are due to the existence of the Sun in the Twelfth house.

    The concern of causing a loss closely related to your Sun within the 12th house. Losses can happen in any way, including. betting, gambling, speculation at a level that is personal to the person concerned about the outcome of an upcoming game and betting on horse races, or buying lottery tickets at a large quantity, and gaining nothing in return ultimately. Any fine or penalty for money that is imposed by any government department or court must be considered to be an individual loss. Any fine or penalty that is imposed incorrectly or in error by the restricted community or or village Panchayat or any other similar body or organization will naturally be a loss to the individual. The most crucial thing to note in this regard is that the types of losses described in this section will normally result from the Sun by itself in any of the 12 houses, unless the Sun is in coexistence with some additional planet(s).

    A few grisly examples of during the time that it was the time that the Sun resided in the Twelfth house.

    A good example could illustrate how much better an individual can be the ability to perform better when Sun has been placed in the 12th House. Mercury along with Venus of the twelve houses both suffered substantial losses due to arguments and fighting with police over challenge (tickets) to no-fault. He believes that this is because he comes part of a minority group of the USA. He also experienced losses associated with marriage and paying huge fees in his country to various officials of the department that are not concerned. The person lost cash on unproductive trips with no use, as well as on the payment of astronomically high fees to attorneys in the USA due to the co-existence of Sun together with Mercury in conjunction with Mercury and Venus in a movable (cardinal) Rasi (Cancer) in the 12″ house.

    Another result of these three planets within the 12th house of that person resulted in him being brought before an in-law court during his first marriage , even though there was no fault on his part. The undercurrent was when the man refused to join with his father-in-law’s business that involved civil building. The person is Jupiter located in the fifth house, which is that he is in the 8th place of the 10′ house which governs father (and often father-in-law).

    These examples are provided to help you understand the effects that result from the Sun within the 12th House. Interference by an agency of government in matters of property that is immovable to the person is another consequence that is a result of Sun at the 12th house. This means that the owner is not able to utilize the property for construction or purchase it through lease or rental.

    How can The Sun within the 12th House provide insight into Progeny and education?

    The Sun located in the 12th house is shown in its 8th place from the fifth house that regulates the education of children and their progenitors. In the end, people often receive an education in the higher levels, in a fragmented way and after a lot of hard work and work. They also get any progeny usually late in life, after the marriage.

    What is the way that how does the Sun on the Twelfth House obliges its Natives to be extravagant?

    Another consequence associated with Sun on the 12th House is that a significant sum of cash, far over the person’s financial capabilities, can be spent on an illegal bribe or other satisfaction. Additionally, the person enjoys gifting gifts to relatives and children, without worrying about whether the gift is affordable.

    How to Alleviate the Malefic Effects Caused Due to the Sun’s Presence in the Twelfth House?

    If the Sun’s usual prayers are said, with the head bowing to the rising Sun The extreme outcomes that are associated with the Sun within the 12th House could be tempered. The Sun is consistent and punctual when it sets and rises.

    It is essential that the patient should continuously and consistently or indefinitely use the remedy of Sun. It will not provide much relief from piecemeal or intermittent attempts.

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