Mars in 2nd House

    Mars in 2nd House

    The Second House deals with wealth financial property as well as immovable property the accumulation of wealth and savings. Mars can have a positive negative impact on this aspect of our lives when it’s all by itself. Usually, it occurs two times in a lifetime, most often without any work but bringing about a livelihood after an individual has started the job of earning money or owning property.

    Impact of Mars in the Second House on Native

    As per astrologer Raj Guru  If Mars is lord of the 4th or 10th houses, Mars gives losses of assets or money during a person’s childhood to either or both parents. In other cases, Mars lives under every other planet in its Mahadasha or Antardasha regardless of the planet’s beneficial or negative status. Even even if the planet’s Rasi is located in the 2nd House, Mars hurts and destroys the properties and cash positions. If one of the spouses is a victim of a counter-control influence on their birth chart, or Mars has taken on a role that is beneficial to money and wealth within the Navamsa and Trin Shansha charts, Mars protects the individual (former for men and the latter for women).

    Mars has a second impact that it can negatively impact the wellbeing of the spouse, since it’s within the seventh house’s eighth position. When it comes to women, the issue can be related to the baby’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy, issues during the birth of a baby Cesarean birth, problems with the blood system or skin and often, surgery is required on the wife as a result of any other issue within the body.

    In the case of males, Mars in the 2nd House causes blood system issues and skin problems, as well as trouble with the eyes, hearing loss (at an advanced age) and immature loss of teeth and bleeding. The damage can affect any body part but at a minimum to the skull on any planet in Mars Antardasha or a repeat location that has Mars in the 8th or 2nd house in the Annual Chart.

    The purpose of Mars usually entices people to sell the old company that owns property (more typically, any property that is inherited) and then tries to buy or construct a new property, or purchase other immovable or immovable assets , at the expense of the cost of selling. In most cases, the person suffers a loss as a result.

    This location of Mars frequently affects marriage because it is a part of a South Indian school of thought and in rare instances the result is divorce or separation due to the fact that this school of thought places an immense significance to Mars being in the 8th position of the 7th house of the second house. It is believed that the North Indian school of thought places importance on the position in Mar on the 12th house from the Ascendant on a parallel degree, as it is located in the 6th position (that that of an adversary) in the 7th house which governs married life. In essence, Mars is harmful to the married life of the 12th or 2nd home as well as to financial possessions, too.

    However, Mars is not completely oblivious to the 2nd House impact on wealth properties, money, and money when it is relaxed and resigned to the company of other planets with the effect of disrupting the marriage or negatively impacting the health of spouses.

    For Further details contact Raj guru.

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