Mars in 6th House

    Mars in 6th House

    The sixth house represents a positive position, which can lead to stability in health, courage and the ability to fulfill your desires. They don’t fear people, are confident and smart. They have a tendency to invest in real estate, but don’t pay much attention to other people’s properties. They tend to be supportive of their spouses and take good care of their health.

    Mars’ Impact in the Sixth House, Native

    It is possible that they have complicated relationships with their mother or siblings. It is more common for Libra, Taurus, and Aquarius to be in the 4th House of the birth-chart. They are aware of their spouses’ possessions, but not with evil intent.

    As per astrologer Raj Guru If the Sun or Moon are in the ninth or tenth houses, they tend to inherit property from one or more of their maternal grandparents. Sometimes this may not be taken in the right way by the mother and her siblings.

    They might feel the effects of tensions when the Moon is located in the fifth house. Jupiter in the third, eighth, and twelfth places could cause them to lose a case they almost won.

    These people can gain power on their own if the Sun is in the third, tenth, eleventh, or sixth positions. They help others gain control by hook and by crook. They are religious but can’t be forced to adhere to any religion.

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