Medical astrology: How it work as per astrology

    Medical astrology: How it work as per astrology

    Also Raj Guru On Medical Astrology that focuses specifically on longevity and health is referred to as Medical Astrology. Every sign and every planet are linked to a range of potential diseases. This means that the person born in this sign could be affected by one or more of these illnesses. According To Raj Guru the job of the astrologer ends with declaring that a particular area of the body will be susceptible to chronic or acute diseases. Only a physician can determine the cause of the illness.

    The 6th House is a sign of illnesses, 8th-house surgeries death, death, or 12th house hospitalisation. Danger is indicated by the number 6, and illness by the number 8. The sign of a defect is 12. The sub lord of the 12th cusp should be in 6 to indicate the presence of disease. If the sub-lord of the ascendant lies in 8 or 12 this is the house of danger. If the sub lord in the ascendant is situated in the constellation of the significator of 6 or 8 or 12 you are in danger of suffering from illness, danger or hospitalisation. The following houses symbolise health concerns in the astrology chart: 

    SIXTH HOUSE: Sixth house of the astrology chart is also known as the ‘house of sicknesses’. It signifies sickness and illness. Health will be destroyed only after one completes the mahadashas or Bhuktis associated with planets associated with the 6th house. Any planet that is connected to the 6th house can be said caused disease. These causes are triggered by conjoined times. Any planet can possess the 6th house or even be in the constellation or sub-lord of 6. Therefore, all planets are capable of causing ailment.

    EIGHTH HOUSE – The eighth house on the chart of astrology has an impact on the length of one’s life or longevity in this world. For longevity, it’s important to also consider the 3rd, 1st and 8th houses. The 8th house, commonly called the “house of death” is the area that we experience the ending of our lives. The eighth house deals with the effects of mental and physical anxiety, misfortunes and surgical procedures.

    TWELFTH HOUSES: The Twelfth house in the chart of astrology is the house of confinement, hospitalization and imprisonment, loss through marriage, divorce, loss of spouse, loss of any kind expense, donations, charity work, hidden enemies, deception, and the repayment of loans.

    Consider the 5th, 11th, and 1st as possible cures. 1st – health. 5th – no sickness. 11th – no sickness. 12th-12th – or absence of disease. 12th to 12 – no bedridden illness. Any disease that affects the sixth house will result in the 6th house period. They will be able be treated during the sub-period of the planet associated with ascendant, 5th or 11th houses. A Virgo born today will have a health issue during the time of a planet in Scorpio and the Saturn star, and sun sub. These houses are good for health, or to treat illnesses in the astrology chart.

    FIRST HOUSE: The Ascendant , or first house is an important home for the health of the native. It is also a sign of a person’s physical size and vitality. It’s beneficial for the health of the native when the ascendant cusp and the ascendant lords are well placed by aspect, house, and nakshatras.

    FIFTH HOUSE : The fifth house is the location for healing or abstinence from sickness. It’s the 12th house that corresponds to the 6th house of sickness and disease. The 5th house negates 6th house concerns, namely illness and disease. When the planets that are associated to the 5th House, the health of the person who is born there improves and they discover solutions to any health problems.

    ELEVENTH house – Planets which are located in the 11th house are able to cure diseases, since the 11th house is the 6th and the 6th. If there isn’t a planet in the eleventh or within the constellation of the owner or occupant of the 11th, then no cure can be found for chronic diseases. The subordinate of evil planets also means that the 11th cusp, as well as the lord of the 11th, can’t be utilized to treat the patient. Horoscopes of those who have suffered from illness reveal that all the lords of their sub-lord of 6 have contracted the disease. The 11th house is weak. The Lord of 11 is also spoilt. The hospital discharge is managed by the 11th house, which is 12th-12th.

    AFFLICTIONS IN SIGNS: Every sign and planet is linked to a range of diseases that could be a possibility. Planets that move in signs can are a cause of illness of short duration; Common signs do not indicate short or long. The presence of fixed signs could lead to an ongoing, chronic and painful illness. If planets are affected by a movable or cardinal sign they can affect the head, stomach kidneys, skin and liver. Diseases, for example, epilepsy, seizures, brain and abrupt unconsciousness (apoplexy) stomach problems cancer, kidney and liver issues as well as gout, rheumatism and chills or colds. The signs of affliction that are fixed are affecting the throat, the heart, urine-genital organs and blood. These include tonsillitis, diphtheria and heart troubles, spinal ailments, piles, stones, problems with urinary and generative organs; blood problems. Common or mutable signs affect lungs, intestines, nerves and digestion. It represents diseases, for example, TB asthma, bronchitis, intestinal diseases, rheumatism, dropsy, Scurvy.


    Aries: Head, brain face

    Taurus The Throat, Neck, lips, ears

    Gemini: Legs, arms, hands and shoulders

    Cancer: Breasts and stomach and chests stomach, breasts chests, digestive organs. Ribs and elbows.

    Leo: Heart, back, spine, wrists, forearms.

    Virgo: Intestines, lower spine, fingers, abdomen, spleen

    Libra: Kidneys, skin, lumbar region

    Scorpio: Urinary & organs generative, bladder and anus, the nose, pelvis, and pelvis appendix

    Sagittarius: Thighs and hips, nerves, arteries

    Capricorn: Knees and joints, bones, teeth and skin

    Aquarius The ankles and legs and ankles, blood circulation

    Pisces: Feet, Toes, lymphatic system


    Sun Back, heart and spleen. Blood, brain, right eye for a man. Left eye for women. Vitality

    Moon Stomach and uterus. Saliva, breasts. Eyes of a man. Right eye of a a woman.

    Mercury: Nerves. Mind, brain speech, tongue the lungs. Hands, arms and ears.

    Venus: The throat and internal organs of generative. Ovaries, skin the complexion, and reins. veins.

    Mars Organs that generate externally and rectum, nose, forehead, gallbladder, muscles and bile

    Jupiter: Liver, hip bones, arteries feet, thighs blood vessels, right ear

    Saturn: Gallbladder, bones and skin. Left joint, ear, bones, teeth. Spleen.

    SIGNIFICATORS for Health

    Ascendant: The degree rising at the edge of the Ascendant is significant importance when assessing health. It controls the body. The strength of the body as well as its power of resisting disease may be judged. From the Ascendant. Health is affected when the ascendant’s sub lord is located in the constellation of the significator 6, 8, or 12. If the sub lord of the ascendant is in the constellation of the person who occupies the 1st or the 11th, their health of the person is healthy. If the sub lord of the ascendant is located in the star of the owner or the occupant of the 6th (disease and sickness) or the 8th (danger to life), or the 12th (bedridden illness) it is not good for matters of health.

    Sun: It governs the vitality, structure and vitality of the body.

    Moon: It rules the functional body system. It is of primary importance in the case of a child. It is a crucial indicator of health for a woman’s chart.

    Sixth House The Sixth House is associated with sickness, diseases and other ailments. It is judged by the sign that is located on the edge of the 6th house, the planets that are in the 6th house, the ruler of the 6th house and planets connected with the 6th house.

    This is because Sun, Moon, Ascendant as the ruler of the Ascendant, the ruler of the 6th House, planets in the 6th house and planets that are associated to the 6th house are the significators of health. Saturn when afflicted in the astrology chart, causes illnesses due to lack of nourishment, chronic and lingering ailments, dislocations, sprains as well as blows, falls rheumatism, colds, chills, bruises. When Mars is afflicted in the chart of Astrology, it could cause severe and sudden illnesses surgery, injuries or surgeries, fevers, inflammation, and other complications. Jupiter is often affected by the astrology charts causing liver issues and blood disorders such as gout, and other conditions caused by excess eating or indiscretion about diet. Mental instability or madness is determined by the symptoms of mercury and the moon by the malefic. Mercury governs speech hearing, communication and speech. Eyes are weak if the sun or moon is afflicted. Mars is linked to sudden operations and severe illnesses. Saturn is associated with persistent illnesses like gangrene or paralysis.

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