Know as per astrology, people of which zodiac signs are addicted to social media

Gemini – 

Gemini humans are social in actual existence and that they have a dependancy of checking all their social media bills as quickly as they awaken with inside the morning. They like to provide their opinion on social media and speak approximately the matters that they may be passionate approximately

 Scorpio –

Scorpio humans want to recognize what goes on in a person else`s existence, however with regards to their existence, they may be secretive. Their social media might not inform you much, however they may recognize nearly the whole thing approximately you. 

 Leo –

 Leo humans are awesome at sharing best selfies, magical moments with their massive other, scrumptious food, pictures, purchasing pleasures, and travels and naturally, they have got lots of followers. 

 Libra – 

Libras are first on social media. They are awesome at stalking. Libra humans may have all their social media pages and web sites lively and open. They want to preserve an eye fixed on their former existence and examine how their gift existence is higher than their in advance existence

 Sagittarius –

Sagittarius humans are informal social media users—all in their posts are cautiously curated to position them withinside the pleasant feasible light. They proportion loads and posting on social media is sort of a activity for Sagittarius

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