Most often, the spouse experiences an intense experience of ego and conflict, and harmony in marriage would depend on the position of the lords of both the 1st and 7th homes. In the present, this will affect relationships with Rahu. He is powerful and energized. Rahu.

    The impact of Rahu seventh house of your chart on the quality of life

    If soft planets like Venus, the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus are located in the seventh house, the marriage is a joy. In the event that Mars as well as Saturn (to the extent of the Sun too) occur at the level of the seventh of the twelve phases of Rahu, the marriage life could be inconsistent, usually reaching the goal of separation or breaking up forever. In this regard it is extremely important to read the impact on Mars and Saturn in the 7th house within their respective chapters from earlier. The 7th house is concerned with business, or regular transactions and transactions, Rahu in this house is more important. The 7th house is a concern for the seller. Sometimes the seller is ego-driven and, as a result, misses the conclusion of the transaction or deal and then regrets it. But Rahu ensures that each buyer and seller is able to be a part of the process to work with and that no illegal behavior is associated with the transaction. In the event that in a deal one party is that of an individual who is not a businessperson and the other is of a regular business or dealer who is not a businessperson, the non-business person needs to remain vigilant since the typical commercial person could take unfair advantage of the inability to business savvy and the procedures of the non-businessperson.

    The seventh house is the one that has conflicts, disputes and wars as well, Rahu within the 7th house character makes no noises. However, there is less courage and strength to take on the role of a brave person or as an armed warrior. They are certainly good strategists, but there is also a tendency to give in to a cause of disagreement quite easily, absent some kind of statement or debate. There is a chance of quarrels or disagreements between husband and wife. The husband is likely to have the upper hand in the event that male Rasi (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, etc.) is eliminated in the seventh spot. If it is the female Rasi (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, etc.) of the seven houses, the wife will have the final word.

    Rahu within the seven houses may cause minor problems with respect to the private parts of the body, provided that the planet that is difficult is not within the seventh house, nor is it an immediate Drishti on the 7th house (and Rahu therein) from the 1st house. If the planets in the seventh house are affecting or causing interference with the seventh house and the issue was more severe and require longer time to heal.

    The comparatively absurd impact that comes with Rahu in the seventh house is that the person could utilize the spouse to get favors, complete a particular task or to make money or give gifts. There are, however , some adjustments that can be observed, for instance, in the case of Mars which occurs in the seventh house along with Rahu and the wife could decide to take on herself to win the favor. But, if Saturn is closely associated with Rahu in the 7th house, the person would be adamant about influencing the other partner to make use of her charms.

    The most significant influence on Rahu during the seven homes is the fact that it influences the force of intercourse in the relationship. In the present, Mars happens to be the lord of the 1st or the 7th house, and Saturn will be in the 1st house or 7th house. Saturn is lord over the 1st or seventh house and Mars is located in the 1st or 7th house. A woman is more likely to experience menopausal symptoms sooner as opposed to the normal. This type of global situation in the chart of a woman’s birth limits the amount of adolescents she can have.

    The seventh house has very delicate and sophisticated questions that relate to the private lives of individuals, regardless of gender, female or male. The astrologer should exercise extreme caution and caution in the analysis of the horoscope as well as opinions expressed, since people often feel wounded, regardless of whether the analysis and opinions of the astrologer are accurate. This prevents customers from going back to an astrologer to consult as people who have negative emotions are more likely to suffer from bad mouthing about astrology. There are few individuals who would rather have a straightforward authentic, reliable, and correct examination of their birth chart, or the chart for their partner.


    If Rahu has the seventh house in his natal chart, the husband frequently feels ego-centric. The physical relationship between the husband and wife is from the location of Rahu.


    As per astrologer Raj Guru The people who have the planet Rahu within the seventh house are often faced with issues with their private parts. As was discussed previously the problem can be more serious when planets with negative energies influence the body. As a result it could take longer to heal and cause issues in the life of a person. For women, the issues are related to menstrual cycles. The woman will enter menopausal earlier and this is not an ideal sign since it could cause further health issues. This type of placement of planets that are related to the birth chart of a woman puts an upper limit on the amount of teenagers she could likely endure.


    Concerning the professional life of a person who’s Rahu is located in the 7th House, mostly connected to the relationship between vendors and sellers, as we have discussed previously There can be ego conflicts between them and eventually lead to problems when negotiating contracts or deals.


    If you want to solve the problems associated with the home in the 7th house of Rahu of the 7th House, people must have a proper conversation with astrologers. And even the astrologer must be extremely cautious and knowledgeable in their work. A proper discussion with an astrologer on birth-charts and the proper implementation of solutions.

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