The primary thing Rahu does in the eighth house is to bring weight issues to the individual, particularly during Rahu’s own Mahadasa or at the time of Saturn’s passage through the 8th house. It is difficult to lose the weight that is attributed to Rahu however, through effort the weight fluctuates and decreases through physical exercise or a walk each day. When exercising or walking ceases then the weight will return to the level it was prior to exercise typically.

    The impact on the life of Rahu on the 7th House the way you live your Life

    Rahu is a victim of a fall at an elevated level, or from the raised mattress, or “Jhula” in childhood. However, until Saturn is in the house of the 8th, the damage caused by Rahu is no longer significant and is cured easily and swiftly. Also, in accidents in the event that Rahu is on its own in the 8th house the damage will be less damaging and less serious. However, if Saturn is also in the 2nd or 8th house, there is the possibility of an injury to bone(s).

    Rahu of the house 8th, during the course of Mahadasha or Antardasha can complain of fistulas, piles and so on.

    In some instances depending on the past of the person during their education stage or post-education period it is possible to show the impression of smuggling products, goods and commodities for sale to customers. Also, in rare instances kidnapping or smuggling are prevalent among both adults and children like trading in flesh. Rahu in this aspect could cause a tendency to commit various crimes, however it is dependent on other planets that are in conjunction with Rahu within the eighth house, or placing Drishti on Rahu simultaneously within the 2nd House. Beyond that it is important to remember that Rahu is an occult planet that can produce specific effects only whenever it’s in conjunction with a significant planet such as those of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn.

    The mix together with Moon within the 8th house often leads to mental issues which include:. sensitive memory forgetfulness, forgetfulness, not being able to remember faces of individuals or their names or surnames and so on. Mental disturbances and worry-driven nature and a near-complete or partial mental disorder that can occur at any time, sometimes that can lead to complete or partial mental disorder. When this happens, a lot are influenced by the Rasi of the 8th house. In addition, if it’s Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio or Pisces the possibilities of developing mental illness are extremely strong and robust. Therefore, preventive actions should be initiated in the early years of childhood, or when an improbable possibility of it comes to the attention of guardians or parents.

    Another negative impact associated with Rahu during the eight house is the possibility of injury to a person by animals with four legs, such as reptiles, snakes and the crocodiles (if there is a watery Rasi is located in the eighth house, or Moon or Venus are in conjunction to Rahu in the 8th house). Additionally, Rahu can even lead to a rabies outbreak and in this case an immediate medical treatment is the only option.

    In the 1940s, the Maharajah in power of the princely Indian country (Jhalawar) in the lower region of Rajasthan was home to Rahu in his residence and he was taking walks with Rahu Mahadasa along with Rahu Antardasa. In the Dussehra event during October, an elephant that the Maharajah had been riding got lost and there were worries that the Maharajah might be thrown off or crushed beneath the feet of the elephant. One of the horse-riders from the national cavalry who was also part of the parade, quickly used his sword to take the trunk off of the amuck elephant and thus prevented the death of the ruler of the state.

    Rahu, located in the eight houses located in the watery Rasi, could pose an opportunity for the person who is in water (still-water as well as flowing) tanks, ponds, and wells. Sea, river or ocean. The regularity must be checked by reviewing either the Mahadasha as well as the Antardasha of Rahu and the mighty Lord of the waters of Rasi or vice versa. In such instances the yearly chart of the present provides the correct and unique direction.

    If Rahu is the only person on the eight house it may cause damage to the person involved in any dispute, fight that includes the movement, parade, demonstration, mass aggression, or other other action using militants; however, Rahu alone as a member of the eight house could not cause death, or necessarily permanent disability, incapacity and so on.

    It’s not a doubt Rahu could trigger the occurrence of, even in the 8th house any long-term illness or illness that doesn’t have fatal effects as long as other planets’ deadly influence is felt by those who do not have any connection to the astrological sign of Rahu within the eighth house.

    Rahu of the 8th home could cause conflict with the spouse or household members over issues involving money or other investments. This is usually the case when Rahu is a factor in the wealth of the spouse, something the character might or might not like which can lead to disagreements between husband and wife and between couples.


    If Rahu is located in the 8th house as we have discussed previously the effects of weight can be detrimental for the person affected. When Moon has also been placed in the eighth place with Rahu one might experience mental health issues and disturbances. The negative impact associated with Rahu having the house of 8th is that the person may be wounded by animals. As previously mentioned there is a chance of being affected by Rabies and for which prompt research-based treatment is needed. Individuals who Rahu is at the house of the eight may be afflicted by long-term illnesses. Heath should be the care of the person who’s Rahu is in the 8th house.


    When it comes to household issues between spouses and husbands there may be disagreements in the event that Rahu is located in the eighth house. The female members of the couple may attain riches that one of the couple may admire, and this could result in conflict among husbands and wives, or lovers.

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