Serpentine Bracelet Benefits.

    Purpose: Used for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

    Serpentine is predominantly found in shades of green but may include greenish-black, yellow, red, brownish-red, brownish-yellow, and white shades, depending upon where it comes from. Serpentine stone is commonly mistaken to be Jade, but can be better referred to as the “New Jade”.

    • Serpentine stone has strong energy known to stimulate the awakening of the kundalini energies. If you feel blockages in any of your chakras, this stone is a useful aid. It will work at any chakra to clear blocked or stagnant energy.

    Benefits of Serpentine Stone

    -Serpentine stone has strong energy believed to stimulate arousal of the kundalini energies.

    -The energy of the kundalini moves up the wearer’s spine, from the base chakra, and then emerges at the crown chakra.

    -Green shaded stone may assist in healing problems associated with the heart and lungs, as well as cellular regeneration.

    -It also encourages you to connect with the elemental beings as the members of the Devic realm resonate with its energy.

    -This stone is useful for wearers who feel any blockages in any of their chakras.

    -Serpentine stone may also aid in healing diabetes, and eliminate parasites, along with better absorption of both magnesium and calcium.

    -This stone also has the ability to resist the transfer of heat, thus making it a valuable insulator.

    -When positioned on the skin, this stone can relieve kidney pain and other stomach complaints, calm down cramps and menstrual soreness as well.

    -Serpentine is believed to harmonize for healing purposes, especially in regard to the rewiring of unhealthy brain patterns observed.

    -Serpentine soothes the emotional body, by allowing the release of fear of change and hardship.

    -The stone helps in reminding the wearer of the relatively brief moment for which humanity has inhabited on this planet earth, versus the great span of time for which the earth and nature have been learning, This perspective can help wearer feel more willing to spend time and energy towards contributing for the greater good, rather than being self-focused.

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