Mars in 12th House
    Mars in 12th House by Rajguru

    Mars in 12th House

    People who have the Moon in their twelfth House are highly emotional. They don’t know what or how they feel most of the time. Although their perception is excellent, it can be difficult for them to grasp the intensity of their emotions. This is why they feel overwhelmed and unable to convey their needs from an emotional perspective. These House members believe in tarot, occult practices, and other such things. These people are home-lovers. They are happy to work at home but prefer to be indoors. They are comfortable with limitations and restrictions.

    Moon Impact in the Twelfth Place

    As per astrologer Raj Guru   These people are highly secretive and often have secret romantic inclinations. These people can develop secret relationships depending on their Moon position. They are not keen to reveal their secret relationships to the world. They are known for keeping their relationship private.

    Feeling overwhelmed

    The Moon in the 12th House can also influence the subconscious and the unconscious. The two often get into a fight. Natives are often confused about the sequence of events in their lives. The Moon’s energy can help them express themselves at the right time. They feel they are the recipients of everything which can be a bit overwhelming. The Moon is in the 12th House. People can be overwhelmed by its energy and find it difficult to handle the highs. The natives need to manage the flow of energy constructively.


    Because these people are emotionally oriented, they also have empathy. They can sense the emotions of others. They are also able to read people’s minds. This makes them extremely intuitive, which aids them in healing. They are solution-oriented and make it easy for people to talk with them about their problems. They are friendly and helpful. These natives are often available to those who need them. The natives are only capable of doing all this if they are happy inside. They are just like everyone else, with their own issues and tend to manage them.

    The Troublesome Life of a Married Man

    Natives might have a less fulfilling marriage. It is possible that there is a lack of sexual drive in the marital life. You might also experience a lack in intimacy. Conceiving and having children can be difficult. It is possible that children’s education or marriage will be a difficult task in the future. These people should be extremely patient and persistent.

    Financial Front

    Financially, there may be a deficiency in finances or a decline in financial standing. The main source of income may not be able or willing to pay the requested and needed money. Financial loss can lead to mental tensions and stress. It is possible for partial insanity or epilepsy to pervade. These people might experience extreme stress. This can lead to fear of high-spending, penalty, punishment and theft as well as inferiority complexes.

    Relational bonding

    The 12th House refers to the bond with the father, siblings and extra-marital relations. Because of a lackluster marriage life, it is possible to form liaisons with people outside the marriage.

    These are some of the important points to remember when considering the twelfth House:

    1. Rashi
    2. Lord of that Rasi
    3. Position of Rashi in the birth and Navamsa charts.

    Let’s say that Moon-owned Cancer is in the second or fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth Houses. The Moon in the twelfth would create tension and disturb the mind. It would make the native impulsive, jealous, and unjustifiable towards her spouse and her achievements.

    A Moon that is in Sagittarius or in a Rashi ruled Sun, Mars or Saturn has a high chance of being involved in legal battles, regardless of fault. Due to legal suits, inquiries and investigations may follow.

    Other issues relating to the Moon within the twelfth house are

    1. Regular drinking is a good habit.
    2. Marriage can have a negative impact on your life.
    3. Extramarital relationship can cause damage to the reputation of the partner.
    4. Many mental tensions are caused by extra-marital affairs.
    5. Opponents plan to destroy the natives and bring them to their doom.

    It is important to note that the Moon in the 12th House can have less favorable outcomes. Additionally, if another planet joins the Moon in this House, the situation becomes more complicated and impossible to control.

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