Thirteen Mukhi  Rudraksha
    Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha

    Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha

    Ruling God – Lord Indra / Kaamdev

    Ruling Planet – Venus

    Mantra – Om Hreem Namaha

    Benefits Of 13 Mukhi Rudraksha :

    13 Mukhi Rudraksha helps a wearer to attain all worldly pleasure. It improves the functioning of the reproductive and genital system. It is very helpful for couples who are planning to have a child or do not have a child due to various problems.  It is also said that 13 Mukhi Rudraksh reduced the effect of the sins and bad karma of the past. The people who wear it are able to make good decisions, improve confusion, increases concentration, make wearers thoughts clear and improves thinking power.

    • Since the ruling planet of a 13 Mukhi Rudraksha is Venus, it imparts charm as well as popularity to its wearer. This Rudraksha also gives all the materialistic comforts as well as a spiritual elevation to its wearer.
    • A Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha ensures that the wearer emerges victorious in challenging situations and his destiny is available to him at full potential.
    • Lord Kaamdev also favors the wearer and fulfills all his worldly desires.
    • This Rudraksha is very beneficial for those people who have to interact with masses like Leaders, Marketing Professionals, Company Presidents etc.
    • This Rudraksha enhances the performance of its wearer by increasing its Charm and Attraction. Hence this Rudraksha is also very good for those who are in search of True Love in their life.

    Medical Benefits :

    As per Ancient Vedic Texts, 13 Mukhi Rudraksha helps in Muscle related diseases like Dystrophies, problems of Throat, Neck, Kidney, Sex organs, Thyroid, Sexuality, Dropsy, Urinary and Eye diseases, Conceiving problems, Indigestion, Arthritis, all obstruction in Veins / Nerves and Psychiatric disorders can be eradicated by wearing this Rudraksha.

    Raj Guru’s Remedies are 100% Accurate according to his vedic Astrology and Medical Astrology Knowledge.  One Mukhi Rudraksha is equally auspicious & suitable to Sadhu (saint) and Grihastha (family man).

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