Venus Transit in Capricorn (08 Dec 2021)

    Venus Transit in Capricorn (08 Dec 2021)

    Planet Venus is connected to five days of week which is Friday. In Hindi the word Friday is Shukrawar. Venus is considered to be the planet that can help us show a more refined and attractive version of ourselves to the world outside. 

    In Vedic Astrology, Venus is held as the second most auspicious of planets following Jupiter. It is believed that it is always gentle and loving to all living things throughout the universe. In all its appearances, Venus enables us to be awestruck by the beauty and everything beautiful that God has created God. Venus is considered as the goddess of romance, love, beauty, and aesthetics. It is the primary Karka for marriage, relationships and sexual pleasure according to Vedic Astrology. The power that is represented by Venus within our chart of birth is a sign of the quality of the relationship.

    Know The Impact Of Venus Transit On Your Life From Best Astrologer On Call

    This transit will help you realize what you’ve made or the areas in which you’re lacking or restricted. Venus Capricorn is either confident or nervous. It’s all about the way you manage your energy. There will likely be more restrictions , but this is also the chance to relax and perform your work. Transit of Venus in Capricorn will occur on the 8 December 2021 between 12:56 AM till 30 December 2021, which will be until 9:57 AM.

    The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Get the best astrologer on the phone to learn how to deal with the effects on the impact of Venus Transit on your life.

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