Divorce or Separation in Astrology.

    Divorce or Separation in Astrology.

    Divorce or Separation in Astrology. What is the reason for separation or divorce between spouse and husband? There are a variety of reasons that can lead to separation or divorce. Astrology is a precise clue of divorce. In accordance with astrological laws Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are the separate planets. The 6th, 12th and the 8th house Lords and lords of the sign that are occupied by planets that are separative also act as the planets that are separative. If they have an influence on the 7th house, ( house of wife or husband ) in the horoscope, they indicate divorce could be possible due to the planets being responsible for dissociation from or abandonment of the characteristics of the house, etc. These planets influence the house by way of association or aspect.

    The planetary combination for divorce or Separation.

    If 2 or 3 of these planets are influencing the seventh house as well as its Lord, one will be separated from his spouse or wife. If they affect that 4th and the lord of it, one may be obliged to leave the home or the country where he was born. Therefore, we offer several yoga classes for divorce or separation:

    1. If three planets are apex to the 7th house, or 7th house, they are hemmed in between malefic and malefic planets that are placed in the 7th house.

    2. If 7th Lord is located in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, and is associated with malefic.

    3. 7th Lord is weak or it is located in proximity in conjunction with the Sun or any other planets.

    4. If 7th, the 7th Lord and the significator for the 7th house all suffer from affliction, are connected, or influenced by malefic, then conflict and discontent in marriage is a sign.

    5. 2. The second house is considered to be the home of the family. Therefore, this house is crucial. If the 2nd house as well as its lord is influenced by malefic planets, or hemmed in between malefics, a negative outcome is likely.

    6. Venus is the planet that is the most significant planet for marriage and happiness in life. Venus is the planet that, at some point of our lives, will reveal an absence of happiness within the family. If we are weak, depressed, or afflicted by negative planets or retrograde Venus in the 7/8 or the 4th house, chances of divorce greater. When Venus is located at Kritika, Moola, Aridra or Jyeshtha Nakshatras give very negative and unlucky results.

    7. 6th house refers to legal disputes , therefore if the connection or the association between the Lord of 6th with 7th house, Lord or significator of 7th House could cause legal action and separation.

    8. With respect to the planets that are separative Sun is the most unlucky for marriage when Sun is in the 7th house. Therefore, there may be issues for married couples when the wedding takes place at this time. Dasha of Sun and Dasha of Sun .This can also happen in the event that you are married during the Dasha of Sun starts following the marriage.

    9. Kundali Milan is a crucial element in the happiness of marriage but you shouldn’t marry on the basis of Gun Milan points. The relationship between the planets is essential.

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