Mars in 7th House in Astrology

    Mars in 7th House in Astrology

    Mars in the 7th house of Astrology provides the person with the ability to tackle a wide range of jobs. This makes one a sexual addict, or the person could be a cheater with his partner. The 7th house represents others as in contrast to the first house which is the house of self. The 7th house is considered to be the home of legal obligations, legal agreements and businesses (as businesses require legal clarity). It is also the home of the marriage since it represents the legality of the relationship.

    Seventh House is referred to as the courthouse because it is the house of Libra that is renowned for its balance and justice.

    Mars is an active planet. Mars represents energy as well as fitness, action, aggressiveness, selfishness, leadership , and contest.

    Significance and Characteristics of Mars in 7th House in Astrology

    • Mars is in seventh place. It symbolizes negotiations and the need to conquer and win the partnership or agreement. The person born with Mars who is in the seventh place may be a strict negotiator in contracts or legal agreements and could get into disputes with partners, customers, as well as other business entities. Given their strong negotiation skills The natives may be an attorney or lawyer.
    • Mars is an important signifying planet for negotiation and employees, so, when it enters the 10th house of career, it indicates that the native may get a job in the courtroom as a lawyer or any public agency because of his dominant and argumentative nature.
    • However, if Saturn and Mercury are aligned with Mars the native may become a successful businessperson. If Mars faces the first house which is the first house of Mars and Mars, it reveals the simple personality of the native. This makes the native an effective leader.
    • The person who is the native is passionate and affectionate to his spouse and may be dominant in the relationship, which can result in disagreements within the marriage.
    • If Mars is well-developed in a particular way, it can create a partner who is equally passionate and passionate, and also participates in an open wedding. However, if it’s affected, it causes natives to be emotional, impulsive and argumentative. In addition, since Mars aligns with the house of second, this is a sign of an additional marriage for the native.
    • The weak Mars could involve people in battle with his mother or family. If it is well-developed, the native will be loving and caring toward his family.

    What does 7th House signify in Vedic Astrology?

    7th House signifies marriage, legal partnership (also includes business partnerships) and determines the person’s fame since it is in opposition to the 1st House. It also relates to sexual relations and sex between the spouse of the law. Also, it is a house that inflicts death (Marka House)

    Physically speaking, the lower portion of the stomach is in line following that of the small intestines. This comprises the large intestines and kidneys. The 7th house governs these. Libra is the 7th house.

    What do you think Mars symbolises in Astrology?

    Mars is similar to a soldier who is standing for his convictions. No matter where it’s located in your horoscope, it will be a part of your beliefs, and this is where your energy flows. Mars represents energy. It’s the strength and vitality of your will. Mars symbolizes your capacity to be proactive towards something.

    It also symbolizes the anger that we carry inside us, and the soldier must have some level of anger in order to be able to fight and be victorious in battle. Mars symbolizes soldiers, policemen as well as athletes, warlords, arms dealers and fighters. In addition, Mars also relates to injuries, accidents as well as dealing with explosives.

    Mars in Astrology is a symbol of the power of energy, assertiveness and the capacity to act. It symbolizes the way in which people use energy on various levels. In the social realm, Mars represents those relationships which test the strength of a person like those with opponents and rivals. The situation of Mars in the horoscope of an individual will reveal the extent of ambition and energy.

    Auspicious Results of Mars in 7th House in Astrology

    • One is intelligent.
    • One can have a house.
    • The spouse of one will be nice but they can be a little squabbling.
    • One could have numerous siblings, maternal uncles, and aunts.
    • Mars’ seventh position is perfect for doctors. Fame can be achieved by surgery.
    • Lawyers are successful in criminal trials and gain recognition.
    • It’s also useful for engineers, mechanics, fitters, turners and drivers.
    • It’s also beneficial for police officers and other officials.
    • The wife is young and normal-looking.
    • There is a lot of love between a spouse and one another.
    • Planetary positions can be a great way of earning money from selling cycles, automobiles repairs, and piloting aircrafts.
    • A person who is kind and patient.

    Inauspicious Results of Mars in 7th House in Astrology

    • One is unhappy because of his wife.
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