Venus malefic in horoscope

    Venus malefic in horoscope

    According to Hindu Mythology, planet Venus is considered as the Goddess of Love, marriage, beauty and comfort. It is also called Mahalaxmi, wife of Lord Vishnu. It is considered as one-eyed. If Venus is placed badly in your horoscope, your eyes will be affected.

    Venus in Vedic Astrology rules over your marital and sexual life, relation with spouse and their appearance, behaviour, relation with females, daughter(s), mother (if born during day time), taste of food and beverages, comforts, lifestyle, glamour, charisma etc.

    Malefic Venus Effects

    Venus, the gleaming feminine planet governs beauty, outer form, glamour, romance, and sex. A strong Venus helps to boost spirituality, health, and wealth. Also, Venus regulates eyes, chin, throat, nose, sex organs, bladder, and so on. Thus, it affects the sperm, fertility, and sexual life of a person.

    A person with a weak Venus in Kundli and Shukra Dasha in Kundli may face issues like lack of sexual abilities, dis-satisfactory appearance, lack of physical appeal, and polite behavior. Furthermore, such a person draws a tendency for relationship failure and marriage failure. In addition to this, women with weak Shukra often suffer from irregular menstruation cycles and miscarriage.

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