Ketu is a protected planet which is why it’s not always powerful in the 4th house. However, the native is less able to receive care and love from their mother in the early years or for educational purposes. But, this isn’t always a straightforward and quick rule. It could be dependent on the different stars in the 4th house, or the relationship between the lord and the 4th house, as well as the theories of Ketu. The same principles apply to harm that is not intended particularly, injury by a vehicle , or a four-legged (puppy or wild) animal, specifically the fox, dog and donkey. camel, pony or buffalo goat, or even fall off of an animal, even while riding it. The accident will occur on a play field whether or not you take part in the game or not. The injury could be caused by a wild animal at the circus or in a jungle.

    Effects of Ketu in the 4th House

    Ketu located in the fourth house could cause losing at most one pregnancy for mothers at a young age, which could be termed an unintentional conception. In the same way, there could be minor health problems within the four years after childbirth. baby.

    If the mother had any assets or properties in her sole and independent role, then there’s high chances that the child will inherit an entire or significant portion of the estate and, in most cases, following when the mom dies.

    It is also possible that other parties will also throw out their claim in the realm of succession. But, the native has a higher chance of winning the battle, particularly when it comes to backing such as the gift deed or will. Yet, Ketu in the 4th house is not disputed and not linked to the person’s other inheritances from his father or uncle, or other sources apart from mother. It is dependent on the different houses of the chart of birth, their rulers and the ruling planets of the 4th or 9th houses.

    Ketu located in the fourth house offers individuals with greater mobility in the city, the same province and country, and in the event of you having an Aqueous Rasi is in your 4th house is present and the gods of the ruling are favorable, it is possible to travel to an overseas country too. In other words, traveling to foreign nations is now akin to visiting a neighbor’s yard. It is certain that the locals will continue to have bonds with their homeland, in the town where they grew up and, if they have any property, they retain ownership of the property for an active time that is theirs, up to the point that the stable stars change their minds on the issue.

    As per astrologer Raj Guru People who have Ketu within the fourth house must typically take greater attention to their digestive system and be aware of their weight. Ketu is kind and socially sociable, however only in a limited sense as Ketu is, regardless of anything, an unremarkable shadow star.

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