Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology : Know About Mangal Dosha.

    Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology : Know About Mangal Dosha.

    Manglik may marry a non-Manglik, or not – is likely to be an extremely debated and controversial issue in Astrology particularly in India. The union of Manglik with non-Manglik is a source of huge debate, even among Astrologer. However, let me assure you that the truth: these controversies are made in order to force natives to perform rituals. It is better to be cautious in the instances of females who are Manglik is considered to be an unwelcome black spot in the horoscope of a woman for purposes of marriage. One question that lingers in many minds: Should or should a woman who is Manglik marry a boy who is not a Manglik. Similar to the first, the second question is , can a manglik Boy marry a non-manglik woman. 

    First of all, you must understand that, in general perception and most narratives, it is evident the specific location that is associated with Mars on the 1st and 2nd, 7th, 4th, and 12th houses can lead to Manglik Dosha. Each horoscope consists of twelve houses. If we followed the above calculation 50% of people born in India would have Manglik Dosha. Their choice of marriage has decreased to 50 percent. Discoveries about Manglik dosha is an illusion as the idea that a Cat that appears in your path while you’re doing your best work or an itch in the right hand can bring you money and a lot of it.

    The other fun fact is that this debate occupies many minds despite the fact that there aren’t specific definitions or guidelines for defining what constitutes Manglik and who isn’t. If your mind is distracted or deceived into thinking you are Mangal or Kuja dosha on your birth chart you can find out more information on what to do to determine whether your own Manglik or not.

    Can an Manglik girl wed a non-Manglik

    Yes, definitely there is a possibility that a Manglik girl can get married to any boy who is not a Manglik boy, in the same way a Manglik Boy could marry a non-Manglik girl. I would have suggested and offered “go to” to around 5000 alliances, or more, where the girl or boy was manglik. Let me presume that you’re Manglik and first, look at the ways that being Manglik may influence your marriage? In addition, having the status of Manglik is the only thing that can cause tension in marital ties. The majority of people believe that Manglik marriage to a non-Manglik partner can cause all kinds of problems during your marriage, including separation and health issues, or even death of the other spouse. I denounce all such beliefs.

    The reason is that being Manglik signifies you are influenced by Mars and is powerful in your Horoscope. This could mean that someone will be more aggressive, have more passion , and an elevated energy level since Mars is a Red (hot) Planet. So what do you do? Choose a partner with a lower degree of Mars in their Horoscope. This will help to reduce the intensity of Mars in the opposite horoscope.

    Let me elaborate. A specific location in Mars on a Horoscope assigns an individual as Manglik. However, a particular location that is associated with Sun, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu isn’t going to give you Surya Dosha, Shani Dosha, Rahu Dosha or Ketu Dosha. This is because many of us who practice Indian Astrology have a tendency to scare someone by using Manglik Dosha before expecting them to carry out specific astrology solutions. Numerous astrologer attempt to declare a person a Manglik from Lagna or Chandra Kundli. If they aren’t capable of declaring a person Manglik and they take you to Venus or Navamsha to declare you to be a Manglik. This is my question: If Mangal can be considered to be the one planet responsible for the marriage What are the others doing? Are other planets on leave? If Dasha as well as Gochar(transits) apply on other planets are they inapplicable to Mars. Are Mars the only planet with a negative reputation or is Manglik Dosha operate independently from Mars Varga power? We should not overlook the relationship between Mars to other planets?

    If I have been a spokesman for the use of over 5000 of the horoscopes with an ominous black spot that indicates being Manglik I have also dealt with many problems in marital life too. The main reasons for problems in the marital relationship in the majority cases was relationships that were not in harmony, infidelity issues, the insufficiency of careers, events that changed the course of life, or problems with parents. Did Manglik invent such problems?

    If we go back to the issue that was raised regarding the marriage that is Manglik with non-Manglik therefore, can a Manglik girl get married to an non manglik male My answer is yes, they can get married. I wouldn’t suggest any astrology method that is orthodox to solve this. The best advice here is that anyone who is unsure regarding being Manglik should only marry after having matched the Horoscopes. The next thing to note is that the matching of horoscopes should not solely be based solely on Gun Milan but should be dependent on matching all marital compatibility aspects. It ensures that the person who has the highest degree of Mars with more passion and aggression, marries someone who is less enthusiastic and whose the energy level isn’t as high as that of the other person. Check out my detailed explanation about Manglik Non-manglik Marry Video, and you’ll be able to make a decision without any doubt.

    Yes Manglik can get married to an unrelated Manglik

    Let me finish by noting that there aren’t particular guidelines for determining whether a person is manglik. In addition, being Manglik isn’t the only reason behind issues in marriage life. However, since there is so much debate about this issue I would suggest marrying only after having matched the charts correctly. This will answer all your questions about what would happen when you marry a Manglik with non-Manglik and why can’t the Manglik woman marry someone else one and the reverse. The marriage is a lasting bond that is based on the harmony of two people as well as two families on numerous aspects such as aspirations to careers, finances, social responsibility, and respect for each other’s families in order to make sure that the marriage is a good one prior to getting married. Don’t blame the poor Mars or even being Manglik for the problems you have before or after your wedding. Ask me and I’ll tell you an official statement that a manglik can marry a non-manglik


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