What are The Signs For Debt & Loans.

    What are The Signs For Debt & Loans.

    In the horoscope of a native can be easily identified by the native’s Mars location in the horoscope, as well as their 6th House results. Mars as well as the Sixth House in the birth chart represent the meaning of debts and loans in Astrology. Therefore, to be able to identify and comprehend the indicators of debt within Astrology it is recommended to observe the placement on Mars as well as the Sixth House.

    • It is also mentioned in Astrology many times that taking a loan from someone could cause some of our planets to be activated and their energy. If the planets that are activated are beneficial, the native could benefit greatly from this debt, however when those planets are negative and release malefic energies , this could not be beneficial to the native , or to the entire family of the native.
    • If the Malefic Mars is found in the the second, third, or twelfth house of the birth chart of a native this could mean that Mars isn’t in the most favorable condition in the chart. The native may be in debt later on in their lives at one or other time.
    • If the Lord of the native’s Ascendant is located in the 6th house or in the event that Mars is also on the birth chart with the Lord of the 6th House, then it might be a signifying or predicting problems related to debts and loans in Astrology. It is also worth noting that If Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are not strong in the native’s chart, it could cause the native to depend on them or be in debt.
    • It is also suggested that if a person born in the USA has an elevated Sun in their birth chart, they are not able to go for debt since they might have difficulty repaying the debts.
    • It is believed that If Jupiter, Sun and Rahu influence the 6th house in a native’s chart , then the person could be unable to pay their debts. Therefore, natives should be aware when it comes to debts.

    Lal Kitab Remedies to Avoid Loans & Debt.

    Everywhere in the world are facing financial difficulties. The term “debt” is frequently used to mean more harmful than other diseases due to the fact that certain diseases have treatments, but the debt problem is not curable. Yet, some individuals are still prone to taking on the debt route due to a myriad of reasons, and nobody can be blamed for this.

    There are a variety of remedies mentioned within Lal Kitab that can help natives avoid debts that are not needed and help them make informed decisions to ensure that the person only goes for loans or debts that they are able to repay. Many people fall into bad loan practices after 36. However, there is no set age limit in the modern world. Thus, anyone of any age can be enticed in taking out loans.

    • If a native has one of the above items on their birth charts they may be free of debt by providing milk for Shivling on every Tuesday and Saturday.
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