Mars in 8th House

    Mars in 8th House

    This house is quite troubled in terms of gender. This is because women have more masculine traits than men. It can cause adjustment problems between the partner and their family. Gender has always been a problem. People are experiencing hormonal changes that are quite different from the norm due to changing lifestyles. You’ve heard of gender role reversal. This is when men have female features and women have male features.

    Such dynamics can cause disruption in the intimate life of the natives. Sometimes the husband is more passive and less driven than the wife. Many times, men expect their wives to be strong enough to take initiative and make the first move. Contrary to popular belief, the women are the ones who lead the charge in being masculine and making all of the moves. However, men are becoming less active. In sexual life, there is a lot of anxiety and confusion.

    As per astrologer Raj Guru In such cases, the eight house and the Lord of this House play a significant role. These cases will also be affected by the Navamsha chart and Trin Shansha charts for husband and wife. The stars of husband and wife have a powerful influence on each other after marriage. It all depends on the planets that the couple has.

    Influence of Moon in the Eighth House on the Mind

    Moon in the eighth House is linked to politeness and the magnificence that benevolence. It increases concentration. The eighth house natives might steal, according to ancient astrology. However, these chances are very low. The eighth-house natives will be known for being polite, strong in concentration, and rare thieves. They are friendly and easy to get along with. These people are highly focused and have high concentration skills. Although cases of theft are very rare, they do happen. They can be counseled, or made to understand.

    This position can lead to problems in the love relationship, since the male partner is feminine and the woman partner is masculine. A reversed nature could also cause problems in the marital relationship. This could also be a problem due to the influence of other stars. The marriage must have balance. Such balance is possible only when both partners are open to sharing their problems.

    Health: Impact of Moon in Eighth House

    The eighth position can cause various diseases and illnesses. The house in question is linked to mental conditioning. This is connected to minor ailments and other illnesses. To prevent serious illness, such natives should be aware of the dangers. It is better to prevent than to cure, as everyone knows. It is better to be safe than sorry and then find the cure.

    The natives face many problems, including pleurisy (pleural disease), obesity, mental and physical impotence, as well as tuberculosis. The menstrual cycle is disrupted in women. Breast size decreases and milk release drops. Hormonal imbalances can occur in both men and women when the feminine and masculine aspects of hormones are disturbed. People who go through these transitions experience suffocation in their day-to-day lives.

    Another factor is mood swings. This can cause uneven nature. The mind can become fickle and it becomes difficult to make informed decisions. Between puberty and the age 28 years, insanity may also be a possibility. This is usually caused by insufficient sexual drive. Partial insanity could also be a possibility. Astrologers may be able to solve the problem by cohabitation. Insanity can keep cohabitation from happening, which will lead to non-fulfillment.

    Some natives may be afraid of water, as it could lead to drowning. Bad medication, food poisoning and other issues could lead to serious consequences. Septic injuries could also happen. These issues can be avoided by Native Americans taking care of themselves.

    Allegations & Accusations

    Moon in the eighth home, which is at the twelfth place from the ninth, can lead to defamation. This is primarily related to handling funds in religious or social organizations. Innocent people might be subject to accusations and allegations. Avoiding fund management related issues and responsibilities is a way to avoid it. Many times people accuse the innocent of manipulations or theft out of spite. You should avoid such people.

    Relatives such as aunts, uncles, or siblings blame them for taking a portion of the family’s inheritance. When it comes to such accusations, no one is innocent. People who place blame on others don’t think about it before they do it.

    Love for Traveling

    Natives enjoy traveling and are more inclined to settle in foreign countries. Most of their desires to travel are fulfilled. Their knowledge base is expanded by their travels. They are more relaxed and learn through travel.

    If the Moon is in the eighth place of a child, Bhava Chalitam is favorable. An experienced and honest astrologer should confirm the Cancer and Navamsa chart placements for the best and most guided results. It is better to have your horoscope checked by an expert astrologer. The Moon’s location plays an important part in determining different aspects of our lives.

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